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Space Battle.

It seems redbubble has no balls and bows down to Lucasfilm lawyers DMCA claims on anything even if it’s just fanart in a gallery and not for sale on anything. Shame because there was some rather clever art around these parts. / As you may have noticed, to keep the pieces here that were taken down on me, I decided to reupload but this time, renaming them and disguising them somewhat. / P.S. …
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Children's Tees censorship

Got an email from redbubble saying I had the option of kid’s Tees on my designs that were innapropriate and have had that option removed. So they’re ok for adults to see and buy, and perfectly legal and not obscene enough to be removed, just obscene for tiny shirt sizes. I don’t understand. Are kids buying stuff with sexy designs without their parent’s permission? This is …
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'Charmer' got featured on the home page

Feels like I should post about this cause everyone does. / Umm, so yeah.. I got featured on the home page. Cheers redbubble. / I’m not gonna reply to all you lovely commenters individually cause your numbers are as great as you are kind.. and to be honest I don’t come here that often, but let’s go with the sweet reason instead. / I think, from memory, I tagged the shit of that o…
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