Blue Night.


Iona was just going through the motions of her day at work in the school library, waiting for the night to come. She knew HE would come to her tonight. She didn’t know how she knew, she just did. She always did, she woke up not knowing but hoping and during the day a feeling of anticipation grew till it built into the feeling of knowing, that tonight he would come to her. She never got a message from him at all, he never told her when he would next come to her and the nights had no pattern at all she knew she had kept a date diary and it showed he would come whenever. Not that she minded it made the night more special to her; she wasn’t sure about what Alexis thought.He called those nights the Blue Night and he always said he would come on the next blue night. She didn’t know what the blue night was and why he called them that, but she didn’t care they were special to her and she always knew when it was and that he would come to her and that those nights would belong to her.When she got home she would spend a couple of hours getting ready for him. She loved that special time as she never did that any other time, it was just for him. She loved pampering herself making sure she did it how Alexis liked it. After getting home she would eat a light tea then have a shower to clean away the days dirt and sweat then she would spend an hour in the bath with lavender and coconut oils, Alexis loved those smells on her, said they made her smell like heaven to him. She loved hearing that no-one else had ever said that to her and she had never thought of herself like it. She enjoyed the smells that brought to her thoughts of what was to happen in the blue night with her and Alexis. She then spent time on her hair putting it into a plait and rubbing lavender oil on it. That alone used to take her nearly half an hour as she had had to watch her hands in the mirror but now after a whole year, she did it almost by feel in only five mins.

It was then on to her makeup and this she did different to her normal way. Alexis liked it to be as light as possible. She loved the look this created and wished she could do it this way every day but didn’t think it would feel as special to her as it did on those blue nights. She wore the same night things each time, light blue shimmering silk pyjamas that he had brought to her one night. She wore nothing under them as she normally did, Alexis didn’t like that, and he loved to take those pyjamas off and finding her naked underneath. He loved to see her naked in the blue light she had created and which she had set up by her old fashioned brass bed. She had found it in a store near the school and with excitement had brought it without even asking for the price. When she had it delivered she paid the men extra to take it up to the attic room and put it together for her. When Alexis had seen it he told her it was perfect for them and how clever of her to have found it. He gave her the money back that she had splashed out; in fact he gave her more because he said she had had to get someone in to put it up for her even though she had told him she hadn’t minded paying for it. Although it was a beautiful bed she only used it on those nights when he came to her and used her normal bed on the next floor down on the other nights when she was alone in the house.
She then spent the rest of the time waiting for him on the bed reading her Russian history books. But as the time got nearer to midnight she would put them away under the bed and lie down so Alexis would find her “sleeping”. He would climb in through the window and then wake her up with a kiss on her face. He loved it when she pretended to not wake up right away but he would have to her kiss her again. As she didn’t do this every time he never knew how many times he would have to kiss her in order to wake her up. It was part of the game they played and they both loved it.
They would then move on to what they loved doing most with each other which was undressing each other very slowly and just spend time looking at each other. He would tell her how beautiful she was and she would tell him how handsome he was and how she loved his strong body. The sex they had was just as slow and beautiful as it was the first time he had come to her. That was a year ago and in that time she had learnt how to give him what he needed which was just time to be with her in the blue night. After the first slow time they go would go faster then slow down again. He seemed to like it slow but knew she liked it fast so they would take their time the first time and then get really fast the next time then very, very slow for the last time.
Later on in the night he would whisper to her that it was time for him to go, he had to go back home. She had no idea where his home was and if there was anyone one there waiting for him. All she knew was that he would come back to her on the next blue night whenever that would be. She never stopped him from going but he also tried not to show her how much he wanted to stay with her she did see though but still she tried to let him know with her eyes only that she would be there the next time he needed her. She had tried to get him to stay once but it had made them both feel as if they were trapped so now she let him go. She had asked him once what the words blue night meant but he had just shook his head and said he didn’t know he just knew that on those nights he had to come to her and they were called blue nights. He couldn’t remember who had told him that was what they were called, maybe one of his friends.
She had talked to girl friends about him and his blue nights but they too didn’t know what the blue night was and why he called them that. They had asked to meet him once and when she had had them in the room waiting for him he hadn’t shown up at all. She knew then that he had somehow known they were there and he didn’t want to meet them, and didn’t want to let them know who he was. She knew his real name was not Alexis but he would not tell her what it really was. She also didn’t use her real name with him. It seemed right somehow that they were to call each other by different names and not know each other outside those nights. Although she had told her girl friends about him she had never told her parents, she didn’t think they would understand about it at all. She was sure they would think it wrong what they were doing but she her self was so sure it was right and never wanted those nights to end. She knew they would one day but for now she content to wait for Alexis in the blue night.

Blue Night.


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This was in responce to a record that I played in my creative writting class called "Blue Night " by Mike Oldfield. My tutor asked us to brimg in a record we really liked an this was my choice.



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