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Last few months

Hello everyone, as always missing time spent on RB. A few things have happened lately which have put me a little on hold with many things. I actually fractured my ankle then got the flu so was off work for 4 weeks and haven’t been out shooting much either as couldn’t hardly walk for a couple of weeks.

However now I am getting back to normal and went back to work and my martial arts last week thank goodness. Mind you I did get alot of things done at home, like sorting out clothes and cupboards and things and had lots of rest which I suppose I needed.

November I will be exhibiting some artwork at one of the legions in Toronto so that should be fun.

Also have a new granddaughter Victoria who is absolutely gorgeous and will have to submit a photo soon.

Also have been trying to help my son who lost his partner in April. He bought a condo very close to me which is great and he is trying to cope by working with hardly any days off and out grandson stays with him often and also his nephew is staying with him which I know really helps so that he is not alone when he does go home.

All the best RB friends. Patricia

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