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In Branches

If you ever climb a tree, / Climb it right to the top, / Just pause and just think, / Just think and just stop. / Look where you are, / Just look at how high, / Now ask and imagine, / Wonder how and wonder why.
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I hated her. I’d always hated her. / “Do you remember me?” she asked, in that southern British accent. Sickly. / Yes I remember you, I thought. You’re a complete git. You invited all the girls in the class to your birthday party while I was left out. You picked on me and all my friends. You were top of the class and all the teachers would suck up to you, even though your soul is about as ugly…
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Life is a Book

My life is a book / With words and pages / With seconds and hours / With days and years / All flipping by as I keep reading / I have my favourite parts / The parts where I’m dreaming / The parts where I’m alone / They are my own / I love those bits / Those sentences / Those words / They make up me / My book / My story / But so do the other parts / The sad words / The scary sentences /…
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The Bird

Said one little bird on a nest, / ‘I think I like that egg the best.’ / On the egg he adored, / He sat and got bored, / Then said, ‘That little egg, I detest.’
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