I'm sorry about my extended Absence

I sort of allowed Redbubble to be left at the bottom of my pile of websites that I’m a member of. I have not submitted anything new since 2011. Since then, I have moved to a new apartment with my boyfriend, obtained new pets, traveled back to Europe as well as Iceland and done many new photo shoots. I also have a gallery showing coming up in June that I have to prepare for.

I want to apologize for not being around. I’m sure it’s discouraged people from purchasing my work and so now I need to make the decision as to whether or not I should continue selling here. I wasn’t making very much to begin with. As for my groups, I absolutely do not have the time to keep up with them anymore and if anybody reading this is interested in moderating any of them, please let me know asap. I’m sure the group members are all rather pissed at me for just disappearing like this.

To anyone reading this – wow, you are dedicated. ;)

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