I guess redbubble has some very redeeming qualities...

Some things I appreciate about redbubble:

~ People don’t steal my art on here and re-post it (I have had that happen to me on nearly every single other art/social networking website I’ve been on

~ Aside from a few rare cases, people here are genuinely polite, respectful and mature towards one another

~ Despite a couple of minor run ins in the past, the Redbubble staff seems to be very kind and actually seems to care about its members and what they want out of the site

~ If you put forth the effort, people can be very responsive towards you and your work. People also seem to be able to interact here very peacefully, for the most part. (I am guilty of not being active enough here as well as disturbing the peace a couple of times over issues I’ve now nearly forgotten) ;)

~ I still actually sell work here from time to time. Even though it’s not much, it’s a pleasant reminder that people actually appreciate my work enough to want to hang it on their walls or give it as a gift. That is very rewarding.

I can’t say I can commit to being as active here as I would like to be.. I have too much going on in my life right now + all the other websites I’m a member of that I have to maintain. But I still check in here when I can and I still appreciate it for what it is. And to everyone who still watches my new work and comments – I do read those comments. I might be late reading them and I might not always be able to respond. But I do see them and they do mean a lot to me. ♥

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