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Hello Redbubble

After about a 2 year leave from the site, I think I’ve decided to return and submit my new photos that I’ve been working on. I’m sorry I was gone for so long. But I still make the occasional sale here, which made me realize that perhaps there is a good reason to stick around. Thanks for anyone who continues to view my work. I hope you enjoy the new stuff that I’ll be submitting. :)

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I'm sorry about my extended Absence

I sort of allowed Redbubble to be left at the bottom of my pile of websites that I’m a member of. I have not submitted anything new since 2011. Since then, I have moved to a new apartment with my boyfriend, obtained new pets, traveled back to Europe as well as Iceland and done many new photo shoots. I also have a gallery showing coming up in June that I have to prepare for.…

I want to apologize for not being around. I’m sure it’s discouraged people from purchasing my work and so now I need to make the decision as to whether or not I should continue selling here. I wasn’t making very much to begin with. As for my groups, I absolutely do not have the time to keep up with them anymore and if anybody reading this is interested in moderating any of them, please let me know asap. I’m sure the gr

I guess redbubble has some very redeeming qualities...

Some things I appreciate about redbubble:…

~ People don’t steal my art on here and re-post it (I have had that happen to me on nearly every single other art/social networking website I’ve been on

~ Aside from a few rare cases, people here are genuinely polite, respectful and mature towards one another

~ Despite a couple of minor run ins in the past, the Redbubble staff seems to be very kind and actually seems to care about its members and what they want out of the site

~ If you put forth the effort, people can be very responsive towards you and your work. People also seem to be able to interact here very peacefully, for the most part. (I am guilty of not being active enough here as well as disturbing the peace a couple of times over issues I’ve now nearly forgotten) ;)

~ I still actually s


I’m leaving on Monday for my Europe trip. May or may not have time before I go to post my newest work. So if not, I’ll post it when I get home. And I should have new travel photos to share. :)

I wont be around for a while.

See you later. :)

mass edit option???

Does anyone know what happened to the option to mass edit your entire gallery??? I want to change my sales percentage and sure as hell am not going to take the time to do it to the 300 things I have submitted here…..


Ask Me Anything! (In celebration of 7 years as a Photographer)

In celebration of my 7 year anniversary as a Photographer, I am welcoming people to ask me anything (photography related or otherwise) and have it answered in a webcam video! Please read my journal here for details! If you are a deviantart member, please leave your question in a comment on the journal.

If you’re not on deviantart and just on redbubble, I will consider doing another one of these just for redbubble members in the future (if this is successful). :)

That being said, I will post a journal with a link to the video once it’s online so that redbubble members can hear my answers too. :)

Thanks everyone!

Thank you

I just wanted to write a public Thank you to everyone who watches, comments on, favorites or purchases my work. I’ve been here for just over 2 years and I calculated that I’m watched by 1,125 people! Wow!

So thank you so much everyone for your continued support, it means a lot to me.
And I have a lot of upcoming photo projects in store for the new year that shouldn’t disappoint. :) I’m very excited to share them with everyone here on the Bubble.

Thank you all. ♥


So… does anybody else suffer from the dreadful fear of spiders?…

Here in Washington it’s spider season and I’ve already found 2 of them in the last 2 days. Just caught one that was moving really fast on my bedroom wall and flushed it down the toilet….

Just at the sight of them I freeze up, get goosebumps, start itching, twitching and start to semi hyperventilate. So it’s worse when I have to get rid of them myself…
I try and be fair and capture them with a glass and paper to put them outside…
but sometimes, I’m so horribly offended by their presence that if somebody is around I’ll ask them to take care of them for me (which usually means death for the spider).
This fat one on my bedroom wall just… really offended me. It seemed very jumpy and angry. I’m still horribly freaked out….. (partia

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