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THE EBONY STALKINGS copyrighted by the artist elite inc. 2008

Chapter oneAlphaI was your average brother struggling to survive. My passions in life are keeping a roof over my head, writing, and beautiful women. It’s the latter that would ironically become my worst nightmare. I never considered myself the pretty boy type,

And several women have told me I’m not. I thank them for keeping it real! The complexion, race, of a woman is irrelevant.
The most important factors to me are friendship, and a sexual appetite close to a nymphomaniac. Don’t get me wrong I was never the one for extremely large sisters but, I had a fascination with certain features of a woman body. I was a sucker for pretty eyes, gorgeous thighs, a sexy smile, and most of all intelligence. A dumb woman turns me off automatically! It’s the notion of playing childish games that simply irritates me. She could be a dime but, if she played dumb I would vanish into thin air. I was chilling with my co-workers outside smoking our lives away when she appeared. She was every mans dream and, all eyes were on her, especially mine. The way she walked the amazing curves of her body left men in a daze. She was drop dead gorgeous, and yes silence could be heard. Now when I was young my mother told me that the gorgeous ones are the loneliest because men are cowards when it comes to approaching fine women. Let’s just say mama never lied! I learned to use that fact to my advantage. I quickly blurted out something incredibly stupid! She responded with a smile. The next thing I knew I was in bed, or should I say heaven. My dreams were finally coming true; I was lost in endless infatuation, and the most unbelievable sex any man could imagine. I thought I would or, I thought I could rest in her arms forever. This story becomes so twisted, so bizarre; it could turn the strongest man into the weakest link. It started off as an icy chill in the wind one December morning. Life for me had just begun to change. It was a feeling that was hard to describe. Keisha seemed to become manipulative, and overbearing. It had gotten to the point when she would pop up anywhere unexpectedly,
My job, bars, basketball games, and it was really beginning to freak me out! At first it was kind of romantic. I mean what man doesn’t want to show off his woman especially when she’s fine. It wouldn’t concern me if she worked nearby, but she worked in the next county. Although it was only thirty to forty-five minutes away, and I did have mad love for her. Hey! A brother got to weigh his options if something goes wrong, and the ladies were definitely putting their bids in. I began to realize she had radar on each and every one of them. She could zero in at the most awkward moments. Take for instance the time I took my secretary Crystal to this Italian restaurant around the corner from the job. It was just a casual lunch between friends, and of course I knew she was pretty, hot, and tempting, but we were the type of co-workers that would talk about anything! Well it so happened the conversation turned to sex, and yes it was getting very freaky. Our most intimate secrets were being revealed from positions we loved to our favorite porno scenes. What she liked to do and what I’d love to do. The type of talk, that could keep your dick hard forever, and she knew it. I wanted to fuck her just to see if she was really all that! I told you I love nymphs. She had a chocolate ice cream cone, and the way she licked it up, and down drove me absolutely wild. “You like the way it drips from my lips don’t you teased Crystal. My imagination ran wild with nasty little ideas I’d rather not discuss right now. Then she licked, and went down on the second scoop. I was melting, about to give in, to her temptress ways when I heard a voice. “Girl! You’re really hungry! I like chocolate too replied Keisha. What’s up baby did you miss me? Her tongue was down my throat so fast I could tell she was marking her territory.
Crystal instantly jumped up. “ I’ll see you back at the office Keith” she replied. She walked away with such a sexy walk I couldn’t help but stare. A slap went across my face as fast as lightning. “You want that trifilent ho! Keisha yelled. You can’t tell me all that shit dripping from her lips wasn’t turning you on! I know your perverted ass she replied. Go somewhere with that petty jealousy! I mumbled. Speak up! Cat got your tongue or something? Or should I say pussy? It was then and there that I first noticed a rage that seemed undeniably insane. Although for a second it actually dazed me like any man caught flirting I played the innocent bystander. “We were just enjoying lunch nothing more” I replied. You act like you don’t trust me! Oh I trust you! It’s that horny little secretary of yours I don’t trust she screamed. I stood up, and kissed her grabbing both ass cheeks. I caressed her softly, and she began to calm down. What are you doing here anyway? I asked. I came over to drop some legal briefs next door, and I saw you, and little miss porno having a good time. “I thought I’d remind her who I was that’s all” said Keisha laughing hysterically. You’re a trip! You better stop that shit! Somebody is going to take it the wrong way one day! I said. I gotta go! She said. Don’t forget my place nine o’clock, and don’t be late baby. I like ice cream too! She smiled, and walked away.
When I got back to the office Crystal was waiting. “What did she say about me? Crystal blurted out. What do you see in her anyway! You know you can do much better she said with a smile. I’d be very careful with that sneaky bitch if I were you. Something about her is just not right, and I just feel it she said with a stern voice. It was a warning we both should have heeded. Anytime we were together she appeared, and the two of them were like alley cats ready to tear each other apart. I had gotten so use to it that I even forgot we were flirting. Then out of the blue it happened, six weeks later, under the newly constructed Woodrow Wilson Bridge Crystal was found dead. Her throat was slashed, and her face brutally mutilated. The shock was so devastating to me, and the entire press crew, it took weeks for the post to recover. Every now, and then I think about what she said about Keisha. Meanwhile Keisha became more irritating. She wanted to move in, and consume every waking minute of my life. I tried to pull away, but with every little step I took she was right behind me. It was becoming a never ending cycle of agony, and I hate to say this but if a tsunami didn’t strike Japan, I probably would have never got free. The Washington post would send me to cover this catastrophe, of major proportion. When I arrived the devastation was overwhelming, bodies everywhere, and Tokyo was disease ridden! I stayed in a ransacked hospital which was barely functional. The mosquitoes were unbearable, and doctors were very scarce. The relief forces were almost completely invisible except for the Red Cross, and now my cell phone won’t stop ringing. I hadn’t been in Japan twenty-four hours, and the nut is calling. I’m in Hiroshima at the grand Hyatt she said. I just arrived my firm is donating to the tsunami rescue effort. My mouth dropped, my heart pounded, and my mind raced hysterically. “What the hell is going on? I replied what are you talking about she yelled! I told you I’m hear to support the relief effort. Damn! it’s like that Keisha screamed, and hung up the phone. I knew it wouldn’t be long before the phone rang again, but truthfully she surprised me it took her a couple of hours. I’m leaving tomorrow, and I’d like to see you before I leave if that’s alright with you asked Keisha? She sounded a little sad. I don’t want you in Tokyo I replied “this is nowhere for you to be.” I’m already here she replied “just look behind you.” There she was standing in the midst of chaos, and despair looking radiant as ever. Her light blue skirt blowing in the wind seemed to be a flag of surrender, and I surrendered quickly. For some reason I was glad she was there. It’s like the calm before the storm, I simply relaxed, and lived the moment. Let’s face the truth I was whipped mentally, and sexually. We found an abandoned room in that ransacked hospital, and woke up in each others arms exhausted. “You know I love you don’t you she asked”. Yes boo I do I said. Quickly she snapped don’t call me boo! You know how I hate that word! Call me sweetheart, baby, darling, even brown sugar, but that boo shit blows me every time! Then she proceeded to rub her body slowly against mine inching into position for another round, and I could feel myself moving right with her. Hold up baby! I want to believe me I do! But I’ve got to finish this story I have a deadline to meet I warned. She kept grinding, and grinding, until I pulled her closer, and felt myself sliding in. she began to ride, and aw the hell with it was all I could say. We showered together, ate a small lunch, and then departed from each others embrace. I noticed a Japanese woman wink as we kissed goodbye. It was like it brought a small moment of pleasure, and joy to heart. As I placed Keisha in her cab I could begin to see the pain she felt then the Japanese lady walked away. As I began to put this tragedy into words, reality sank in. I concentrated on bringing out all the aspects of death, and survival. The words flowed on paper like the ink was an endless river, and I was adrift searching endlessly for some sanity. They say opportunity comes once in a lifetime, and you don’t know if it came already, or if it’s ever coming. I hope mine is on the way,

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THE EBONY STALKINGS copyrighted by the artist elite inc. 2008 by 


all writing/art is copyrighted by the Artist Elite Inc. 2007

In memory of Mark C, Williams, Gregory Creasey, Gladys Bell, and my loving mother Barbara A, Williams, and Donna Love




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  • Roscoe Davis III
    Roscoe Davis IIIover 6 years ago

    i like it

  • Ushna Sardar
    Ushna Sardarover 6 years ago

    Powerful writing Keith, I’m looking forward to next chapter!

  • butchart
    butchartover 6 years ago

    wonderful read so far…. very believable and quite interesting….. b

  • Hoffard
    Hoffardover 6 years ago

    Whew.. Wow what a great way of writing you have! I am almost done but had to take a break.. Got kinda hot in here…

    KEITH R. WILL...over 6 years ago

    i’m thinking maybe i didn’t unload it all i’ll have to go upstairs and check my written copy

  • Hoffard
    Hoffardover 6 years ago

    To bad about Crystal… You had me all through it! I can’t wait to see how it ends!

  • starborne11
    starborne11over 6 years ago

    An amazing piece

  • JaneAParis
    JaneAParisover 6 years ago

    Yes, I like it. Luscious words and I am wondering who killed Crystal? Keisha? Good writing. Smiles from Jane.

    KEITH R. WILL...over 6 years ago

    thanks jane there’s more to come

    KEITH R. WILL...over 6 years ago


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