My name is Sebastiano Ranchetti and I was born in in Milan in 1961. I became a designer in the early eighties in Wuppertahl, Germany. Since then I have lived in London and Florence and worked as designer and art director, mostly in the publishing industry. I currently live in the florentine countryside with my wife, our three daughters and numerous cats and dogs.

In 2004 I created my first work as author-designer-artist, a series of small books entitled Think in color, which was published in Italy, Corea and Mexico. This has been followed by L’albero gufo, published in Corea, and by Learn with animals, four books for small children that were recently published in Italy and the USA (you can see them on

Inspired by animals and nature, I express myself through simplicity and colorful enjoyment, wishing to communicate them to other humans. My colorful digital prints of animals also have been exhibited in art galleries and other venues around Florence. These artworks have received very favorable response, and this has prompted me to consider new venues for them, like calendars, postcards and t-shirts. The images are all vectorial and can be scaled to any size.

Visit my websites at
and you will see some more of my works, including the PoPortraits, pet portraits made on commission. For details and prices send me an email.

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