A Big Geek / Nerd that just loves Comics,Movies, Tv, Video Games & Anything thats just cool.

I design T-Shirts & things based on things that help make People Smile and Be happy to show it off to anyone they know :)

I love doing parodys or tributes on my shirts .But look for the balance between the tribute and the original. So it comes out with a cool unique look . Thats sometimes funny or wild .

Have fun looking at my stuff & please leave any comments.

Thank You for having a look At my stuff :)

My Cool Kick Ass Unique individually die-cut Stickers get 50% cheaper when you buy more than 6 at a time :) There a great Gift Bargain For Halloween, Xmas, Birthdays Or Any time of the Year !!!! There Removable,Waterproof and Rock !!!

Any fuzziness in the designs on screen is not indicative of what will show on print.
The fuzziness is from the compression of the images.

All designs are printed from high resolution png files.

And don’t forget to upload your pics to the buyers booth it’s always nice to see who’s wearing my designs.

Thank you for your support :)

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