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The Picture Show

Well I finished up with my civic duty….jury duty for 3 weeks on a capital case. Now that it is over I can finally talk about it. It has been so hard to not be able to tell anyone, anything of the trial….and worse of all those days we were sequestered….away from my family…..thinking about my mom…..It was a life cut short before even reaching its prime…..A 17 yr old boy shot by a 15 yr old gang member. Gangs are luring our youth in….and their only way out is usually death. The senseless violence that gangs promote makes me feel so sad…so angry…I watched the destruction of many families over the coarse of the trial….the life that was taken far too soon, the youth that will spend a great portion of the rest of their life behind bars…the mothers and fathers of these boys grieving over the loss of their children….The gang members who contributed their part in this tragic act…they await their time to be held accountable…The gang members who had the NERVE to come to the courtroom in support of their “homeboy”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The gang members who have threatened my life, and the safety of my family!!!! You DIDNT stop me!!!!!!

I feel like I am going through detox…… everything is pouring out of me……the horrible crime scene pictures, autopsy photos, the face of the victims mom and dad, the person responsible for this staring at all of us…trying to send a message of intimidation…his parents faces…..the word for word account of the attack and murder….the gang members showing their “Loyalty” ….excuse me while I try to contain my raw anger and rage….all of these events are playing like a horror movie in my mind…over and over and over……kiss your kids tonight…tell them that you love them…they are OUR FUTURE!!!!! Trish

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