"everyone knew he was a homo and liked cabbage"

Roscoe Mingewhistle (that is the sound of two lips pursed and slowly exhaling on a …………Minge.

“Thats enough, calm down everyone” , he strided to the front.

(Slight snigger from the first three rows … sssssh

(speaking with a senatorian voice, slightly gayish but with a firm wristed and hearty handshake, type of everyone expects his balls to be ….. huge … but he has a secret desire to be the third guy on the left , with the really big calves and little waist, on the third back row, of acceptable locals,
in the church production of …. " Saturday Night Fever"

Where was I????????????
Ahhh yes …………….

Roscoe with his huge whanger, that was so thick and so long and the top of it.
(Author: Different story)

Every step that Roscoe took , clank upon clank up the the stairs to Mr Hammersholok’s office was a heavy burden in his…
ehm ….boots.
In his sweaty armpits
… nah
In his undies
In his black lace undergarments that accentuated his upper body
In his, size 7 “thriller”, pink explosion
… nah
“He will be yours forever”,lilac dream ensemble, with black escape ties and dynamite extrusions and pursed lipped pink roses
… nah.

Roscoe came to the upper level, his boot-sound fallen, all the noise and bustle of the blitzen line had ceased, it was as though the whole factory was at a funeral, it was that quiet.

He walked down the gantry, softly and quietly and passed the windows of the various companies that Mr Hammershlock and his family had owned, and his second cousins including Sam and Janet Evening……(watch for it and say it fast hahahahah)

…… except for the bitch with the red hair and her freckle-faced bus driving husband.

…. no way was they getting any part of their company.
… after what she said at Micheal’s and Rebbas’s wedding.
… that two faced bitch.
… and she who had to have a ’reconstruction of her girly parts" to keep her husband.
… who everyone knew was a homo and liked cabbage

Roscoe passed the gallery.

Past the Cat Worming technology, technoligicckal, technikohlodgeical … aww fuck it ….. the Cat Worming Lab.

Evangeline Passwater, the main lab’s technoligicckal, technikohlodgeical. tetchnalogical … (how do u spell this rubbish, lol) ……. boss.

For as long as she could rememberish, Evangline had always thought that Roscoe, as she looked down from her lab, high on the second floor, had ehm ….. ‘things that interested her’.

The slide continues into the abyss. Pooh@2011

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"everyone knew he was a homo and liked cabbage" by 


  • tjs1010
    tjs1010over 3 years ago

    =D I cannot wait for more here. wonderful Pooh

  • MtnRainbows
    MtnRainbowsover 3 years ago

    Whew! LMAO!

  • AshenShards
    AshenShardsover 3 years ago

    wow, this is on the fast track to pychotic in a good way, im afraid a lot of the jargin is losing me but the parts i get are great. I dare say i prefer this over the hundred acre woods, sorry but a new era of pooh authorism has risen! long live the foreskin!!!

  • Rikki Woods
    Rikki Woodsover 3 years ago

  • Mike Dineen
    Mike Dineenover 3 years ago

    Wooh, Pooh your work is rivitingly funny and amazing!

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