How to Transform Into an Animal

Did you ever wish that you could transform into an animal to get away from your problems? Well, now you can, thanks to my new…um…discovery. It all started one night. I was really wishing all my might that I could transform into an animal…any animal I wish…at anytime, anywhere, and that I could change back all the same. The next morning, everything was fine, then I went to school (I am still a fifth grader, you see). I carry 3 bags everyday to school. My backpack, my hand-carry bag, and my lunch box. I am used to the same routine since fourth grade, though. But that morning, my bags were so heavy, I actually wished that I be like a turtle. Why? Well, being a turtle would help me so much, because they may be slow, but they can carry a shell twice (or maybe thrice) their weight. I feel like a turtle that morning. Slow & carrying something heavy. That’s when I realized that my wish came true. It wasn’t granted literally, as in changing my outer, physical appearance, but I realized that when I “transform” into an animal, I acquire their traits & abilities. Take that school morning for example. I thought of a turtle, and I “transformed” into one, carrying the same ability to carry my bags up 3 FLOORS. My classroom is on the third floor. But during these times, I change my transformation now & then. I do not only change into a turtle, but a horse too, sometimes. Because I figured that horses are much stronger than turtles, and a bit faster too. And very, very effective. Another time, I am in the back of a room while the teacher made us copy a lecture in our notebook. Since I am a bit too far away from the board, I transformed into an eagle. Voila. I had bird’s view. And so I didn’t have any problem at all seeing things from the board, and I copied easily & swiftly. In fact, I was the first one in class to copy the long lecture. Boy, do I just LOVE lectures! I like copying them, and now I don’t mind sitting in the back while copying a lecture. Heheheheh. Oh, and by the way, when I transform into a horse, I can run as fast as wind. Well, not exactly, but fast. But my most favorite transformation of all is, my favorite animal, the WOLF. I transform into it everyday, even up to now. I enjoy transforming & I laugh at myself for acting strangely similar to that of a dog…er, Wolf. When I climb up some stairs, I act like a real Wolf by getting down on four paws…um…HANDS, and kind of run up like a Wolf. And not just that, when I am in Wolf form, I am never afraid. Well, sometimes. I just feel brave, because I feel like a real wolf. But when I am in Wolf form, I love to howl & growl & bark. It’s just…well, fascinating. But I don’t think “fascinating” is the right word for you now, and I’m guessing you’re pretty bored right now. But since you are, alright, I’ll tell you how. First, you have to WANT to transform. If you have that great willingness in you since you were born (hehe), then here’s the second step. Before you go to sleep one night, wish really really hard for animal transformation. Here comes the third step. The next morning, try this simple exercise. Think really hard of an animal (JUST ONE!!! KEEP IT REALLY SIMPLE!! BLOCK ALL OTHER THOUGHTS!!!) for about 3 – 5 seconds. After that, feel yourself transforming. Just FEEL it. TRY to THINK that you are transforming into the chosen animal PHYSICALLY. Then after that, the transformation should take place. The traits & ability of that one animal should be lent to you by that time. ^^
BUT….if it doesn’t work for you, it either means:

*That you don’t believe enough in the transformation power
*That the animal spirits believe that you will abuse the power of the animals?!

One evening, there was a blackout in our city because of a great storm. Me & my sis brought a candle up to our room. The next room is occupied by my sleeping dad. (:P) Anyway, I told the practice to my sister. And she DID it!!! But…well…she didn’t have to wish for it, she just…meditated (CONCENTRATED) for a while & she “transformed” into a bear. I, of course, transformed into a Wolf (as that is my favorite animal, remember?). We had our eyes closed as we were meditating, then. Then suddenly we fell into some kind of trance. I became unconscious. Then I had what seemed like a dream. It is really hard to explain, but in the dream I saw a Wolf walking in the woods. Ah, that must be me, I thought. In the dream, I walked up to a tree. Then I chased & caught a small rabbit for…well, a snack. After that I saw a great big fuzzy grizzly bear. That must be my sister, I thought. I climbed up the tree (and I had no idea how) and when the bear (or my sister) was below, I jumped onto it & rid on it. It was fun. But then, I fell of the bear & luckily landed on a soft flower bed. When I woke up, this time for real, I realized I wasn’t in my same position when I was meditating. I was lying on something soft…I was, strangely enough, lying on the clothes scattered on the floor (although there were no clothes scattered when we were meditating). My sister said she saw the same thing, becoming unconscious and kinda seeing a dream. She said she even saw a Wolf. And I said I saw a Bear. “Wow,” she said. “That must be you.” Then we went to the other room (the one where my dad is sleeping) & told our dad the story (he is half-awake now). “Well,” he said. " I don’t know of you, but I think I saw you two sleep-crawling here all over the place. <Poochyena4Ever>, you climbed up on the bed & jumped down on your sister." he explained. “Ohh,” I whispered softly. “So that’s the tree…” Then I remembered that the place where I caught the rabbit was a big mess. Some flowers & some grass were scattered. Then I remembered the scattered clothes. “Ohh,” I said to myself. “So that’s the grass & flowers.”


Interested in my story? Good.


Be warned, though. Please, whatever you do, DON’T abuse the power of animal transformation. The animal spirits will surely be mad. But not if you know how to say “sorry” and “I won’t do it again”. ;)

How to Transform Into an Animal


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This is something I discovered when I am a fifth grader (and I’m still a fifth grader). A brilliant discovery called “Animal Transformation”. No potions or hard bone-cracking morphing needed. ^^

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