You're Only as Pretty as You Feel Inside

During my adolescent years, one of my favorite bands was “Jefferson Airplane”. Grace Slick, their female vocalist, sang a beautiful song called “Pretty as You Feel.” That song had a major impact on me then and still does to this day.

Despite the underlying meaning of those lyrics, I still had never ending sessions of staring in the mirror and counting an endless array of pimples. It felt as if I had a minefield of those horrid little critters plastered to my face. To my immediate horror, the more I stared in the mirror and worried about their ugly little whiteheads, the more those dang pimples flourished and blossomed. That nasty thing called stress can create so many physical symptoms.

As the years went on, vanity became much less important to me. Various life threatening experiences to both myself and other loved ones changed my precious vanity as well as my overall philosophy of life. The words “You’re Only as Pretty as You Feel Inside,” wormed their way right back into me.

Being pretty is the essence of our being or so the media would like us to think. We see outward beauty constantly advertised everywhere. This easily manipulates our thinking when we read magazines, watch TV, go shopping for clothes, etc. Is this true beauty? The answer is both yes and no, depending on the beautiful person in our direct sight.

Truly beautiful people are those who unknowingly bear their inner beauty, only to reflect it upon others. Most everyone falls in love with them, because they just can’t help it. It really doesn’t matter what they look like on the outside, because their inner beauty creates an outer glow. Sensing and feeling their beauty, we soon find ourselves becoming compelled to be with them and also magnetized just from being in their presence.

It’s my strong belief that beauty lies within all of us. Sometimes we just need to take a long, hard look to find it. When you find your own unique, inner beauty, not only will it help you find the same in others, but it will also make others see you in a different light.

You might weigh 500 pounds and eat 2 dozen donuts for breakfast every morning. Maybe you are a gorgeous, svelte fashion model. Perhaps you are homely or just a little bit cute. Skin color makes no difference. You could be 20, 30, 40, 50 – heck, maybe even 100 years old.

Why should any of that matter? It doesn’t to me. Your inner self ultimately creates your outer mask. Some of the prettiest people that I have ever met are those that have been ridiculed by others, due to an initial reaction to their outward appearance. Those who ridicule them are people who have not taken the time to see the totality and the pure essence of these spiritually, beautiful beings. They are also missing the opportunity to surround themselves with optimistic winners. You are only as pretty as you feel inside!

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You're Only as Pretty as You Feel Inside by 

Pretty As You Feel by Jefferson Airplane

You’re only pretty as you feel
Only pretty as you feel inside
You’re only pretty as you feel
Just as pretty as you feel inside
When you wake up in the morning
Rub some sleep from your eye
Look inside your mirror
Comb your hair
Don’t give vanity a second chance
No, no, no
Beauty’s only skin deep
It goes just so far ‘cause
You’re only pretty as you feel
You’re only pretty as you feel inside
Just as pretty as you feel inside
Now you’re feelin’ pretty
Now you’re feelin’ good
Now you’re ready to face the world girl
Now you’re feelin’ good
Go out there ‘n’ knock ‘em silly girl
Go out there ’n’ show ‘em how to thrill
’Cause you’re only pretty as you feel
Only pretty as you feel
You’re only pretty as you feel
Just as pretty as you feel inside
Feelin’ so pretty, feelin’ so pretty
Pretty mama


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My life is like a well read book that’s never ending, at least for this moment in time. As I continually add new chapters to my book, I find that my photography plays a big part in it. This is most especially true as my great love and fascination with Mother Naure never wanes. It’s my hope that you, too, will share my joy as the pages in my book of life continue to flip forward! My Very Best, Polly Peacock

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  • coppertrees
    coppertreesalmost 5 years ago

    I had a friend remark to me once,“you do not have any mirrors” I laughted and said yes there is one in the bathroom. I got a rather strange look and a reply" what is wrong with you?"
    Lol I told her vanity is not one of my faces!
    Society has programed the thought that one must be a certain way to be important,it is sad.

  • Yes, sad it is and often it becomes the decay of young teenage girls who starve themselves…Anorexia and bulemnia (sp?) is just plain old crazy. Funny how mirrors are often called vanity mirrors! There are days when I am so busy, that I don’t take a shower, throw on a hat and my favorite shirts are those that are old, worn, faded and about to fall off of me!!! It just doesn’t matter to me, well, so long as I don’t start to get a stench!! LOL! Good for you telling your friend that vanity is not one of your faces! When we feel good inside, it really doesn’t matter what we are wearing or if we have makeup on to cover up our flaws! The glow is there!! :)))))))) thanks Vicky!!

    – Polly Peacock

  • Teacup
    Teacupalmost 5 years ago

    so wonderfully said. We are only as pretty as you feel inside – for those who are grounded within themselves shine for all to see. x

  • Not so long ago I met a woman who had lost her right leg, was riding on a little scooter, with a yellow lab pulling her – I’ll have to find the picture. Bless her heart, she seemed just as happy as could be – that to me speaks lopud volumes!!! x back attcha!! :)))

    – Polly Peacock

  • Rosemaree
    Rosemareealmost 5 years ago

    This made me cry my friend. You have such a sweet personality and your beautiful soul shines through in everything you do. xoxox

  • Cripes, now you got me teary eyed buddy…thanks for your most beautiful compliment and your incredible friendship as well! I see you shining too my dear friend and I know that you will continue to shine on – don’t ask me how I know, but I just do!!! xoxoxoxox and lots of love to you!!! :)))))) extra big smiles for you!!!

    – Polly Peacock

  • kukawa
    kukawaalmost 5 years ago

    Polly, Thank you for these amazing words put so eloquently!! I live in faded torn overalls most of the time, no shoes… I feel I always have to tell my 3 kids (who are grown now) I hope I’m not embarrassing you….but I am who I am….comfortable with nothing binding me, most of the time no make-up, no bra LOL! True!!!!!! Your Art Captures Passion,Beauty & your Genuine, and loving Heart & Soul……Peace to you Always : ) Syl

  • Aww…thanks Syl! When I left corporate America, I told all my friends that I was going to have a suit burning party! I never did, because I knew that there were people who could use those suits, but it sure was a fun idea!! LOL! I worked at REI for about a year several years ago. Everything that was REI brand was 50% off to employees and all other brands 30% off. I sort of got caught in a trap of buying too much (they do have great clothes), yet, I didn’t need them all…I think I was trying to fill a hole, not being totally happy in CA…I just took a slew of them back – they have a lifetime return guarantee. I keep finding myself wearing my favorite t-shirts – heck, the one I am wearing now must be at least 12 years old and I probably will wear it until it does fall off of me!! Cripes, I might be 70 years old by then!! he he he!! Thanks so much for your awesome compliments – they are very sweet and I sure do appreciate it!! When I get moved back to PA, I will try to catch up with you more – so busy right now, but wanted to get some writing up on RB – setting the stage – a book to publish, hopefully in 2010!! Big hugs and peace back to you Syl!! I’m so glad you are just who you are, because that is just who you ought to be! :)))))))

    – Polly Peacock

  • RosaCobos
    RosaCobosalmost 5 years ago

    Words ….yes…right in them.
    Facts…emotions….right in them
    Other’s to fell our love quality. Scientis say that the looking for a harmonious body is not a matter ot aesthetics, just a way of the brain, interpreting that the object, of our mating desire is perfect object…without faults or lacking the things they need. So we crave for an adecuate distribution of the features, and proportions. I beleive it. But now.. we are talking about culturally imposed beautiness…that’s different. It causes a lot of damage, and gives a lot of pleasure. As soon as we fit into the pack..we are happily going around it. But there are so many other motivations. Let’s see now, this creaving about being sun tanned. Not long ago it was a sign of vulgarity and belonged to the agricultural or low classes of the aeconomical status. Then it seems that a magicien, and not really handsome woman, like Coco Channel, styled and really intelligent decided that the woman looked great all brown….and that was a way of indicating that this sun tanning was adecuate for the rich and lazzy packs of people.
    And so…. there is nothing related to the dark skinned people of all regions of the globe.. it was a sign of leisure, distinction that exploded in our brains the fantasy of ..being rich..I have passed by this… when young, and now… when I contemplate those scorched compleions, and burnt scaled bodies of the mature persons I really think is a realy vulgarity, and that they are really horrible in this way. Or… for another reason… that monomania that one should show th naked body, in crowded beachs or pools, competening or sharing pores with any others… just for it. Yes.. we all know that about beauty and how we can perceive that coming to an an age is curing us from this stupid or not desease. Beauty at all costs…at any age.
    Oh…getting to the sixties…now. And mind-body in a whirl…your writing has caused me to revolt, for I am a revolting woman, needed to feel that I am a woman at all costs!!!!!
    I have enjoyed your writing much, as usual. And tell you that behind your soft and easy going of telling about daily basis issues..“as a matter of fact”…they are underlaying an open topic motivation.
    A hug!

  • Yes, Rosa, you are right on! The fact is that there is no such thing as perfect, except perhaps for those moments in time that we perceive as perfect!! I’ll never forget mixing iodine into suntan oil as a teenager to get good and tanned, as well as not eating breakfast to make sure my stomach was as flat as a board. Thankfully, I outgrew that!!! LOL! My ex-husband used to say that I could step outside for 5 minutes and get tan, which was true. I still am tan, but I always use sunscreen and can’t tolerate sitting in the sun for too long unless there is a good chill in the air. I just happen to be outside a lot, due to gardening, shooting, hiking, walking, etc. Laying in the sun to me is boring now – my, how times have changed!!! Yes, and it had nothing to do with dark skinned people, which makes it sort of an oddity and a farce… Thanks so much for your awesome compliments – I do appreciate them greatly!!! Big hugs right back to you with a huge smile too!! :)))))

    – Polly Peacock

  • CanyonWind
    CanyonWindalmost 5 years ago

    Superbly put . I am going to feature this.

  • Thanks so very much POP’s!!! I truly appreciate it!! Also, thanks so much for your volunteer work to make features happen! I am honored as always!!! Wishing you an awesome day or evening when you get this!! :))))))))

    – Polly Peacock

  • mando13
    mando13almost 5 years ago

    ANYONE GOT A GOOD MAMA CASS ELLIOT pix anywhere they would like to add to 60’s GLORY ?

  • kittystarr
    kittystarralmost 5 years ago

    I felt uplifted reading this. It is sad to see so many celebrities today who all appear to look a certain way. When I was growing up I used to watch the bands on Countdown and they all had their own unique appeal. I am a big fan of Janis Joplin and love that she was out there giving it her heart and soul. Her music has such depth and meaning to me. In the 60’s, everyone was unique in looks and talent. I hope one day we return to that uniquness as it is far more interesting than todays celebs. Due to a severe back condition, my body is not what it used to be and I am doing my best to love it as true beauty really does come from the inside. Nice to read that you think so too!

  • CanyonWind
    CanyonWind7 months ago

  • Thanks so much – this one is special for me, as I am a writer too, but need to get more submissions!!! :)))

    – Polly Peacock

  • Evita
    Evita7 months ago

    Excellent work….. Congratulations 1st Runner-Up!
    Editors Weekly Choice Ending December 29th, 2013
    The World As We See It , or as we missed it Group

  • Thanks so much Evita – that’s just awesome – wishing you a very happy New Year!!! :)))

    – Polly Peacock

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