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I watched, with a quick glance, as an eye witnesses. Due to the complex and vast variables of nature, the scenes that I was viewing will always be ever changing. The beauty of now lies within them – the one second that it took to snap my camera.

Staying in the now and appreciating a beautiful scene such as the ones that I do is heartwarming, powerful and thought provoking. Each second, each minute, each hour and each day should be enjoyed for the precious beauty of now. The present is certainly a gift. It’s my hope that you will receive the gift that I have been given, when I click my camera!

An ancient Native American Proverb is as follows: “Treat the Earth Well: it was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children. We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”

It’s my sincere wish that you will enjoy viewing my work, which represents a tiny fragment of the Universe, as I see it, through my individual camera lens, as well as through my writing!

All images and writing are copyright © Polly Anne Peacock. All The materials contained may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted or downloaded in any way, shape or form. All rights are reserved. Copying, altering, displaying or redistribution of any of these images without written permission from the Artist is strictly prohibited. Any such violator will be prosecuted accordingly by law.

September 2013 Juried Invitational Exhibition

Featured in “60’s Glory”

You’re Only as Pretty as You Feel Inside

Featured in “#1 ARTISTS of REDBUBBLE”

The Impeccable Teachings of Stevey Wonder Dawg

Featured in “All Things Poetic, Artistic and Philosophical”

Circle Dance with Gratitude

Featured in “Masterpieces: Literary Workshop”


Featured in “All About Hearts”

Heart and Soul

Featured in “The Family Album”

A Tribute to a Maniac

Featured in “Freedom In Words and ART”

Rowing Your Way Through Life

Featured in “Live, Love, Dream”

My Town

“Featured in “For the Love of Jesus”

The Hard, Cold Reality of Gratitude

Featured in “Short stories – Spherical Scriptings” and “Exceptional Ekphrasis”


Featured in “Nirvana”

Beau Geste of Gratitude Peacock


It’s my hope that if you have it in your heart, that you will take action and send out e-mails to friends and sign the petition at the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign to help save our wild Mustang’s. Sadly, they are being eradicated in the western United States. These horses have lived in the Western Plains for hundreds of years. THey are a precious part of our American history. Just as we all cherish our beloved homes, they too deserve to live in the lands that they know as their place of freedom, their contentment, and the homes that they love as much as the rest of us do! Many thanks in advance, should you choose to sign the petition on the Wild Horse Preservation Campaign web site. Special thanks to Ann and her co-hosts, from the group, “You Big Softy,” for making this a special feature!! One last note, for those of you RB folks who would like to put up a horse picture of your own with the same message, here is the LINK to the Wild Horse Preservation Campaign web site.


Challenge Winners!

“The Grave Digger” – first place

“Wanted” – 1st place

“Betcha Can’t Do This” – 9th place

“Seek Your Vision for it is Time” – 3rd place

“One Heck of a Wave” – 2nd place"

“Snow Bridge” – 7th place

Featured in “Bubbling Artists and Cats and Dogs”
Half Asleep

Featured in “Pets are Us”
Here’s Looking Attcha

Featured in “Statues and Stuff”
Fontaine de Tourny

Featured in “Nothing Man Made,” “Love Affair With The Lens” and “Going Coastal” Maxwell Beach Barbados

Featured in “Cats and Dogs Group,” “Phodography” and “Dogs of Any Breed Style”

Featured in “Country Bumpkin”
“Black Eyed Susans”

Featured in “Beautiful,” “Visions of Italy” and “The Beauty of Nature”
“Rolling Hills”

Featured in “Up and Coming Writers”

“Snow Boy”

Featured in “Up and Coming Writers” and “Reflections in Building Windows”


Featured in “Image Writing”

“Snow Dawn”

Featured in “Paranormal the Norm”

“Alien Tree”

Featured in “Toy Dogs R Us”

“Hop Dog”

Featured in “Image Writing”

“You Know That You’re Snowed In…”

Featured in “Postcard Style”

“White Light”

Featured in “All About Your Best Work,” “60’s Glory,” and “Welcome Pennsylvania”

“Woman’s Lib”

Featured in “Toy Dogs R Us” and "Phodogophray"*

“When You’re Smiling”

Featured in “You Big Softy”

“Under Bite”

Featured in “Native American Group,” “Sun Rays,” and “Around the World”

“Seek Your Vision, For it is TIme”

Featured in “THE CATS AND DOGS GROUP” and “Paws and Claws”*

“Uncle Dawg Wants You”

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“I Supurt Aminal Rites”

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“Mama and Her Baby”

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“Wells Fargo Stage Coach”

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“The Road to Farmville”

Featured in “Equine Athletes” and “Horses at Work”

“Stand For The Land”

Featured in “Image Writing” and “The Great Outdoors”

“Fat and Happy”

Featured in “Down on the Farm”

“Amish Homestead”

Featured in “Tone it Down” and “2,3,4 Club”


Featured in “Extreme Closeups”

“Gimme, Gimme, Gimme”

Featured in “DSLR Users,” “Pets Are Us,” and “Live,Love, and Dream”

“The Fence Takes a Licking”

Featured in “Weekly Challenges”

“December Blizzard"

Featured in “Ancient Relics and Ruins”

“Nevada Petroglyphs”

Featured in “You Big Softy”

“These Eyes”

Featured in “JPG Cast Offs,” “Rural Around the Globe,” “Nature’s Wonders,” “Amazing Orton Effect,” “Winter in the North-East USA,”and “The Woman Photographer”

“Snow Bridge”

Featured in “Images and Ideas” and “Canon DSLR”

“Dig It”

Featured in “The United States”

“The Landing”

Featured in “Image Writing” and “Americas ~ Rural, Urban, Wild, Free”

“Those Who Walked Before Me”

Featured in “Respectful Retrievers”

“Beau Geste of Gratitude Peacock”

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“The Cavalry in Motion”

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“The Wagoneers”

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“My Rug”

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“Chadd’s Ford Mill”

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“He Flies Above Me”

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“Stevey’s New Sleeping Bag”

Featured in “Nirvana”


Featured in “Respectful Retrievers”

“I’m Lucky”

Featured in "Equine Athletes"

“You Have Just Been Featured in Cowboy/Cowgirl Art!”

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“Circular Sunrise”

Featured in “Bits and Pieces”

“Charlies Angel”

Featured in “Shopfronts”

“Past Reflections”

Featured in “History”

“Old Out Building”

Featured in “Horse and Rider”

“Feeling Ornery”

Featured in “For the Love of Canon” and “Inspired Art”

“Painted Skies”

Featured in “Man’s Best Friend”

“Love my Chihuhua”

Featured in “The Woman Photographer”

“One Heck of a Wave”

Featured in “Out of the Past”

“Dear Mr. Fantasy”

Featured in “Goldrush and Ghost Towns,” “Nostalgic Art and Photography,” “49er with Wheels,” and “The Wild West”

“Wells Fargo Stage Line”

Featured in “American Patriot” and “Out of the Past”

“Corporal William Joyce Sewell Borie, Jr.”

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“The Barn and the Springhouse”

Featured in “Nostalgic Art and Photography” and “Out of the Past”

“Eclectic Collectables”

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“What’s Inside?”

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“John Charles Hutton”

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“Love Nips”

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“My Dad’s Art Studio”

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“The William Brinton House”

Featured in “The Keystone State”

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“Majestic Flight”

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“Fair Young Maiden”

Featured in “Out of the Past”


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“The Light Within”

Featured in “Live, Love, Dream” and “Just Watercolors”

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“Circa 1700’s Brownstone”

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“Avalon Casino”

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Featured in “Out of the Past”

“Old Wagon Wheels”

Featured in “Out of the Past”

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“Honest, I Didn’t Do It”

Featured in “Playful and Photogenic Pets”

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Featured in “Out of the Past” and “The Wild West Show”

“Soldier Contemplation”

Featured in “The Wild West Show”

“Wagon Wheel”

Featured in “Out of the Past”

“A True Cowboy”

Featured in “Post Card Style,” “Out of the Past,” and “Days Gone By”

“A Lone Soldier”

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“Architectural Reflections from Another Era”

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“Black Widow”

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“The Marshall Takes a Hit”

“The Joker and the Jester”

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“Strawberry Picking”

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“A Great Catch”

“Tree Grove”

“Nectar Source”

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“Spirng Sunset”

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“Forever Friends”

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All We Are Saying…

And Featured in “America’s Natural Wonders”

“Seal Beach Sunset”

And also featured in “Your Magic Place”

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“One Heck of a Wave”

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“The Tower Theatre”


“Looking Out My Back Door”

“In My Lens”

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“Checking Out the Chinese Fringe Tree”

“Sand Walls”

“MY Hose”

“Sunset Pipers”

“Sunsets and Riptides”

“Lunar Sunset”

Featured in “Native American Group” and “Around the World”

“Seek Your Vision, For it is TIme”

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Portal Eye

A Blood Red Sky

With special thanks to E. R. Bazor!



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“At the Helm”

With special thanks to Ken Boxsell and Robyn Carter.


“Seventeen Years Old and Dressed to Kill!”




“Peace on Earth”

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Thow pillows

Awesom that we have a new product! What groups accept them?
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September 2013 Juried Invitational Exhibition!

Dig it! / by Polly Peacock
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The Link to Sign the Petition at the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign in order to Save America's Wild Mustang's Who Have Lived on the Western Plains For Hundreds of Years

This link is for those of you who would like to add a horse picture to your work, to help save wild Mustangs that the government wants to eradicate. / “American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign” :http://www.wildhorsepreservation.org/ / Note – Please remove the space after the word Campaign and the quote that follows it for the link to work properly!! / Thanks Everybody!! :)))) /…
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