Oh No!!

I’m sorry I don’t like this change at all. It’s very confusing. I can’t find who has commented on my work, or what’s been moderated on.
I used to love being on here and hosting groups but this has just taken all the fun out of it for me. I can’t see me being on here for much longer unless something changes drastically for the better.


  • Donna Keevers Driver
    Donna Keevers ...over 2 years ago

    I’m with you, Polly…


  • Really sad day for RB I think…:o(

    – Sharon Brown

  • Vickie Emms
    Vickie Emmsover 2 years ago

    I totally agree with you Polly. I took 20 minutes to find my comments/replies. I used to love seeing My Bubble and that’s now gone.

  • I know what you mean Vickie. I found it eventually but took me ages. I used to enjoy seeing who had posted new works and challenge info etc…now we have to click here and there and hope for the best. :o(

    – Sharon Brown

  • Albert
    Albertover 2 years ago

    Polly. I took 20 minutes to find my comments/replies.

  • I know Albert…nothing is ‘right there’ any more…we have to go looking for it

    – Sharon Brown

  • waxyfrog
    waxyfrogover 2 years ago

    Finaly with Poll’s help I found my comments too. Why oh why do they do this?

  • Glad you found it Barb. Who knows why they do it. I don’t see how it benefits us as artists

    – Sharon Brown

  • Debbie Robbins
    Debbie Robbinsover 2 years ago


    click your name top right
    scroll down a little bit looking on the right

    ACTIVITY drop down box
    click on that

    there is where the MY BUBBLE
    stuff that was on the left is now…

    that helped me once i found that….


  • Thanks Cookie…found most stuff…just don’t like it

    – Sharon Brown

  • Gabrielle  Lees
    Gabrielle Leesover 2 years ago

    Hi Polly, I got my first phone call this morning for help, it was Ralph from QLD, he was stuck and i had only just turned on the computer, it’s OK mate, we just need to play with it for a while and work it out. I’ve just seen Deb’s comment and she’s right, just follow her instructions. I suppose they do this to us to keep us from getting Alzheimers? Maybe? Maybe not! LOL!

    Please don’t leave, we have so many good people here on RB, like one big family and we can help each other!

    Gabe xx

  • I won’t leave Gabe.

    – Sharon Brown

  • Margaret Stevens
    Margaret Stevensover 2 years ago

    I ‘ve just logged on and thought, “What the……………….”. I don’t like the front page set up at all. I much prefer ‘My Bubble’. It’s like an old friend has gone away. I found the drop down for comments etc fairly easily. Only time will tell I guess. But why fix something if it’s not broken! I’m with you Sharon.

  • It’s very confusing and a lot more clicks to find things now

    – Sharon Brown

  • Trish Meyer
    Trish Meyerover 2 years ago

    Polly … I am with you … what the heck has happened in the last few hours????


  • They put out a message last week to say it was changing but didn’t know it would be so completely different

    – Sharon Brown

  • Angie66
    Angie66over 2 years ago

    i agree i don’t like this change at all im really confused

  • You’ll find most things under the Activity tab on the front page. Just more clicks to find things

    – Sharon Brown

  • Sue Knowles
    Sue Knowlesover 2 years ago

    Just logged on to this new world and was pleased to see your posting. Thanks to others who have commented on this which make you realise you’re not alone.
    Please don’t leave, I’m sure we’ll get used to it. Now, let me see if I can find any photo comments…

  • I won’t leave…just probably won’t spend as much time on here. It feels like I’ve lost all my friends because the feed isn’t there

    – Sharon Brown