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Hi everyone!

Just thought I would write a little note to you all…I haven’t been able to find the time to answer comments, have a look through all your amazing pictures, and /or chat to anyone for weeks now!
I am finding that all of my spare time on the weekend is taken up lately, and I have to apologize hugely to everyone – especially if you have been wonderful enough to leave a comment.
Now I am a host of another group that takes up another hour or so of free time as well, and I just can’t do it all as well as work on my own pictures.
I am probably not going to post a picture on here for a while, as I hate not being able to reply, it makes me feel truly awful, but I am going to try and ‘visit’ your wonderful work as often as I can.

On a better note, I have had my photographs in two Artist Fairs , and sold about 21 pictures in all…not bad for my very first time! And I am starting to sell from my website now as well…whoo Hoo!

So, much love to you all, and I will try and have an inspirational browse as soon as I can..


  • Lois  Bryan
    Lois Bryanover 2 years ago

    Polly, always a delight to “see” you … and “hear” your voice, lol!!!! Don’t bother about me, I’m as bad about keeping up as you say you are. The job thing and all the rest keeps us hopping, doesn’t it?? Personally, I’m just happy to hear that you’re well and all is good in your world!!!! Don’t be so busy that you’re not doing anything creative … that’s important!!!!! Now go … get back to work!!!!! Hugzz back …

  • Love, love, love!!!
    It’s just I feel rubbish if I don’t reply, and after all to me it’s the community that is all important….if I half close my eyes and look at it in a different way I may come up with a solution…or I may just open a bottle of wine and it will just look rosy!
    I was 55 a few weeks ago!
    More grey hairs!

    – polly470

  • Barry Norton
    Barry Nortonover 2 years ago

    Wonderful to hear from you Polly, do not worry about us, pleased to hear about your sales. The only thanks I look for when commenting on the work of others is for them to comment on mine. I know what it is like to be short of time I am in the same boat with the charity work that I do. Regards and Best wishes Barry.

  • You are such a star Barry! I am going to take a leaf out of your book I think!
    Major hugs,

    – polly470

  • Karen  Helgesen
    Karen Helgesenover 2 years ago

    Happy, happy, joy, joy! Polly’s back! Boy oh boy! Sure have missed you, my friend! But, am so pleased that you have had such great success selling your beautiful art! Understand how difficult it can be to do your own RB work when you are hosting groups ( not to mention all the other things you do) …it can be time consuming…time which you certainly have little to spare! Can’t wait to see what your wonderful imagination has in store for us once again….work for all of us to enjoy and gobble up….whenever you manage to find the time. I am just glad to see your tiny little face on my pages once again!


  • Karen  Helgesen
    Karen Helgesenover 2 years ago

    What is, “xoxp”….mean? Trying to come up with a definition that makes me appear to be brilliant rather than illiterate! OH! it means, xox…the ‘p’ is for Polly! I am brilliant after all! Whew! Close call!

  • Oh Karen…that had me HOOTING with laughter!! And here was I , all doom and gloom! Now I feel SO much better!
    It’s just I feel so rubbish if I don’t reply, and it was making me miserable, and that is so not the point of all this!
    I love the community on here, and I sure as heck ’ain’t gonna stop coming on here, but I just have to readjust my knickers, take a deep breath, and tackle the problem from an oblique angle….
    Maybe if I run at it sidewards I can squeeze some more time in…?
    Any way…you ARE a genius!
    And I luv ya!

    – polly470

  • Carol Bleasdale
    Carol Bleasdaleover 2 years ago

    Good to see you again Polly – don’t worry about not commenting, it’s just great to see your work. Well done on all your sales too!

  • Bless you Carol!
    It is just that the community on here is so special and precious and I miss not having the time to even say thank you…
    Deep breath and move forward….!!!
    Huge hugs!

    – polly470

  • AuntDot
    AuntDotover 2 years ago

    Polly, I always enjoy seeing your face pop up and to read what you write and see your art. Do keep it coming as much as you can. Congratulations on your sales…wishing you many more! ♥

  • Thanks Dot….I didn’t want to let anyone down….
    Massive hugs to you from me!

    – polly470

    JUSTARTover 2 years ago

    good to know Polly, take your time and will see you back
    Congrats with your sales on artfair !!

  • Thanks Sylvia!
    I am in another one later in the year, and I have started to get sales on the back of them on my website as well…there may be hope yet!

    – polly470

  • Rich Ladig
    Rich Ladigover 2 years ago

    Your guilty of being human Polly! Your sentenced to being human for life!!!
    Please reply immediately !!! LOL!
    xx We are all guilty Polly…

  • Ha ha! Yup…guilty as charged!
    Thanks for the laugh!

    – polly470

  • Carol and Mike Werner
    Carol and Mike...over 2 years ago

    Great to hear from you, Polly . . . don’t worry about the replies . . . sometimes it seems just impossible to keep up with all that, the important thing is to have time for your pictures. Congrats on the shows and the sales . . . how exciting. Looking forward to seeing more of your delightful images from time to time.

  • Thanks so much guys…it is hard to keep up…especially since I love replying to everyone!
    But hey…you are right….
    And I will put on a picture if it is good enough tomorrow!
    Luv ya!

    – polly470

  • Bunny Clarke
    Bunny Clarkeover 2 years ago

    Do what you can, when you can. You are still my favorite. :o)

  • And you are a complete and utter STAR!!!!
    Major hugs Bunny!

    – polly470