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Carrie Leighs Nude Magazine Stole My Money
Towards the end of 2010 I looked at the competition being run by Carrie Leighs Nude Magazine. It was pimped on deviantART a lot by various people including an elderly so called “model”

The competition closed on the 31st of December 2010 to be judged and published in 2011
So I looked and thought and the deadline for entry was way too close. Then they extended the deadline for entries so I thought why not enter some stuff. There were two different sections of the competition and I entered multiple images in both sections. Each entry came with a fee and I spent $150 in entry fees

Also I spent about a half dozen hours working on the images in photoshop to remove watermark text etc and make sure the submissions complied with image specifications as dictated by the magazine and etc etc etc and I sent them in and paid my money

An Eerie Silence
So weeks pass and you hear nothing, then months have passed and you still hear nothing. But you don’t want to be a pain in the arse so you sit quietly waiting and check their sites and blogs for news but theres nothing. Then one day the human corpse publishes a journal saying that Carrie Leighs Nude Magazine has gone out of business or is shutting down or whatever, and you think ummm I paid money for a competition that was never run in a magazine that won’t get published

Polite Professional Efforts
Once I realised that the competition was not going to be judged or published I thought I was entitled to a refund. So I wrote some polite professionally worded emails requesting the return of my money. All those efforts were ignored, I received no reply of any kind and I had written to more than one site and more than one person

So You Get Pizzed Off
But when you get pizzed off these days we are all supposed to keep it to ourselves aren’t we. It’s the politically correct thing to just sit back and take it and not upset the harmony of the herd. And hey its not like losing $150 will see me homeless so largely I let the whole thing drop for quite some time

Always In Everyone’s Face
But there are people on deviantART who simply will not stop extolling the virtues of Carrie Leighs Nude Magazine and in reality I can only roll my eyes at so many journals saying how great they were before I have to stop and shame them for being the thieves that they are. Yes that’s right thieves, taking someone’s money and then not providing what you advertised is an act of thievery, or maybe its just a “con” but applying either term it’s dishonest, ignorant and a very crooked business practice

I am often not very predictable in what I will end up caring about or standing up for. It is not generally predictable what will be the thing that triggers me getting extremely pizzed off and vocal and in this case it was a small thing. The “model” that I mentioned above published yet another journal about Carrie Leighs Nude Magazine being accepted as a permanent holding of Trove, The National Library of Australia

Knowledge Denied
This so called “person” is a “Contributor” of Carrie Leighs Nude Magazine yet when I commented on the deviantART journal about the competition that was never run and never refunded they denied all knowledge of it and blocked me having dared to raise the subject. My comments were not nasty, they were factual, definitive and not written to attack at all. Yet any mention of Carrie Leighs Nude Magazine and the verifiable truth explained here was apparently reason to ignore and block me. Well I guess now I know why my requests for a refund went ignored, they were sent to ignorant people. And what pizzes me off the most is not that I was ripped off but how I am supposed to simply sit back and take it and not be disruptive by telling the truth. She even went so far as to remove me from deviantART Groups simply because I brought the subject up

What To Do
Now that you stole my money and pizzed me off personally well I am no longer prepared to let it rest. Firstly I will publish this journal on my deviantART page, my Red Bubble account, my facebook, deviantART Groups, my blog, Red Bubble Groups, The Asylum Syndicate, The Asylum Syndicate’s facebook page and anywhere else I can think of. I want to make the fact that they ripped me off and ignored reasonable requests for a refund one of the most easily “googled” things about them. That’s step #1

Step #2 is to write a very professional letter to Trove, The National Library of Australia and inform them directly of my experience with Carrie Leighs Nude Magazine and try to get their status withdrawn

Did They Fuck You Over Too ?
If you had the same experience or a similar one or paid for magazines that were never published and or never sent then send me a note. If you would like your name added to my letter to the National Library of Australia then I will be happy to add you

Bring Me The Legal Bullshit, Bring It !!!!!
Yes I expect to get some half arsed thing on a legal letterhead. I do know a few things about the law and the fundamental principle of libel / slander etc is related to truth, if what is said is truthful and accurate then it is NOT actionable – i.e “truth is an absolute defence”

These things are 100% true provable facts
They took my money
They have not provided anything for the money (the judging and publishing of the competition entries)
They have ignored multiple written requests for a refund
They still have income from sales of past issues and through organisations like The National Library of Australia, therefore they have the ability to refund money
I f they can still publish back issues then they can run an issue for the competition where they have already taken peoples money and not refunded it

Reasonable Rational People
A common legal standard for a judgement made in the form of an opinion is when a reasonable rational person would believe that that the statement is an accurate one. I think that a reasonable rational person would consider this to be a “rip off” “unprofessional” and equivalent to theft