Artistic Nude and Fetish Photography:
I shoot Portraiture, Expressive and Emotive Portraiture. For that I use light, location, imagination, equipment, props, collaboration and skin. What I really do is the “Art of Expression” well my version of it. Every emotion that can be conveyed with a smile can be counted on only one hand. As an artist it’s capturing the hundreds of emotions outside of that range that drives me

The Art of Expression:
The angel, the devil, the bold, the sexy, the whore, the softness and intensity, the sensual, the naïve and hopeful, the manipulative insanity, the self loathing, the passionate lover, the depravity, the innocence, the rage, the desperate and confused, the chained, the free, the hopeless dreamer, the deadly inner demon, the pure, the staggeringly beautiful, the glamorous princess, the pheromone dynamo, the nymph, the up, the down, the sinful, the redeemed and the tragically lost

Shoot Life Into the Lifeless:
Can a beautiful sunset be called lifeless? There are many genres of photography that have a special place in my dark heart. The city, the country, the coast, the industrial, the decaying yet beautiful, the black of night and the complex simplicity of architecture. Taking something and presenting it in a different light to provoke thought, emotion and wonder in the beauty of the everyday, now that’s the marrow of life. Like my Portraiture its vibrant color, high contrast and deep dark monochrome

The Artistic Truth:
The truth put quite simply is that I love photography, the process, the shoot, the creativity, breaking the rules that keep other people boring and pushing the mathematics way way out of shape. But sssshhh though, don’t tell anyone, yes I know it’s the internet and all that but I don’t think that anyone is actually reading this profile text except for you. So let’s just keep the fact that I love what I do between us and it’s all good

Paid Portraiture and Commercial Commissions:
I am primarily a Photographic Artist, while I am available for paid work I am also notoriously picky about what I will and won’t do and I generally decline more paid work than I accept. Anyone considering approaching me for paid photographic services will need to realize that while I will deliver what you want I will do it my way and it will generally be done in keeping with the style of my body of work

Email: Polar Impressions Photography

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Brett Jackman
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PUBLISHED | caprice magazine

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