What you can not see with your pair of beautiful eyes is what you can understand with your heart…

I am a self taught artist. My art is a reflection of my thoughts and the dark side of human life. Most of them are represent in metaphor.

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  • Age: 35
  • Joined: May 2009


The Bleeding Moon Video Art

The Bleeding Moon Video Art is coming up next week. It may or may not be the final form of my art project. I still can’t believe I’ve been working on this for years. It feels like only yesterday. You can read more about it on the project update / It’s free view on my youtube / If you’re viewing from your laptop or other device, I recommend to connect it to your TV for bett…
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My Promo Video

Hello, / I’ve been working on this art project for some time. Here is the video art that I’ve made for the project promotion. / More info on my blog : http://poisonlolly.blogspot.com / Tumblr : http://nonsenseyouneedtoknow.tumblr.com / [Video]
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New Project, Instagram and Youtube

I am starting a project on tiny papers 10,5 × 12,4 cm. A tiny horror story daily posted on twitter @Poisonlolly and some reference work. / My Youtube account : Poisonlolly / My Instagram account : @dyingink
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Artwork Video Details

I have posted some of video details of my work on Tumblr and Youtube. If you’d like to see another VBLOG you can visit my Blog – The Dark Art Of Poisonlolly. And I also just started my own personal journal on my Website – Dying Ink | The Art Of Poisonlolly / For videos please visit TUMBLR and YOUTUBE / Regards.
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