My name is Lorraine, and I’m originally from Canada,
but reside in Massachusetts, USA

Please respect all my copyrights
(that covers all my photography and my poetry!!! Thank you!__________________________________________

Believe in yourself and all that you are
Know that there is something inside you
That is greater than any obstacle

The image below used with permission for use for a banner for my group From the Earth & you may view Eric Nagel’s work here
a very talented artist

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Sold 2 Postcards

I assume the buyer is going to USA Niagara Falls and will be sending these / 2 cards from there….I just wanted to thank you for purchasing the Postcards / I totally appreciate the sales and have a wonderful time when you go there…
Posted 5 days – 20 comments

Sold a Pillow

Thank you so much for the sale of this copy as a Pillow…. / I don’t know who you are but I truly appreciate it!!!
Posted about 1 month – 10 comments

Poster Sale...

To my surprise today, I come home to find out someone actually bought a POSTER / of this image I created 4 years ago, had completely forgot about and I’m so pleased / an unknown buyer actually like it enough to buy it….I so appreciate it and thank you! / I created the scenery, then added Gollum aka Smeagle and the ring / The ring is an actual replica of the one seen in the movie LOTR…
Posted 3 months – 10 comments

Greeting Card Sale

Sorry I’m a little behind on thanking the nice person who bought this greeting card / I thank you so much for purchasing one of my favorite NYC Pic…much apprecaited / View Image here
Posted 4 months – 14 comments