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The layers of self can be expressed in many ways. Watching the link between inner healing and outward creative expression has been very powerful.


‘Labyrinth’ September 2010 – VAVoom
‘Who Watches the Observer?’ December 2010 – Raw Art
‘Duality’ December 2010 – Solo Exhibition
‘Wandering’ December 2010 – Safe Haven
‘Where are the Edges?’ Dec 2010 – Acrylic Painting Group
‘Ship’ December 2010 – Acrylic Painting Group
‘After the Flood’ December 2010 – Acrylic Painting Group

None of the images I display here belong to the Public Domain. All images are copyright © Sally A McDonald. All Rights Reserved. Copying, altering, displaying or redistribution of any of these images, in any format or using any medium, without written permission from the artist, is strictly prohibited.

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