ai Jerky

This is a rather recent revelation for me and I was wondering where I might post it. I don’t normally bother to read those health info block thingys, I just workout alot to offset my appetite.

Anyways, No joke! Beef jerky is my fav. Not just any old beef jerky will do either… Wild Bill’s is what you want. it tastes great, takes forever to eat, doesn’t take any time at all to cook (though opening the package may be kind of tough) and is only 50-70 calories an ounce. A whole package contains 175 calories.

Definitely the perfect munchy food for those days you just want to sit in front of the TV and watch anime (in my case).

The downside is that it is kinda spicy… best taken with plenty of water.

Aside from the above, it makes a great light breakfast. I’ve always found that the smaller my breakfast, the better I feel throughout the day. It’s also a good snack to bridge the time between getting home from work and eating dinner (or if you don’t feel like cooking, just eat jerky instead!).

Beware though, some jerky is mostly fat and meat that must have missed the trash can, that stuff probably has alot more calories.

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