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Thanks to everyone

Sometimes I think my mom believes in my work more than I do. After emailing her about redbubble, she of course, sends off an email to every person she knows all over the world and these are some of the comments back she recieved. Also, I think my stepdad Randy has been doing some guerrilla marketing of his own, hence the comments from his friends near the bottom… I just wanted to thank everyone on and off Redbubble for all of your support and wonderful comments. Who knows if I’ll ever be able to support myself simply on the work I love doing, but it won’t be from my lack of trying. Thank you all.

From Malcolm in Scotland-
Phillip’s photos are beautiful. He has a real talent for choosing interesting shots and compositions. I wish I could make photos so well.
I’m curious to know the context of the photo entitled “Psychedelic Salt”. Is that a salt mine?

From Audis in Louisiana –
Good morning Donna, I just checked out Phillip’s web site, the pictures are awesome, I believe that he will do well with his chosen profession :)

From Donna in Spain –
Phillip has some wonderful photography and a real eye for a picture!
There’s a lot of talent in that boy:)

From a science teacher in Kentucky
He’s a great photographer. I love his work. Thanks for sharing the site with us.

From Gloria in Arizona
Wow, Donna, he’s a very talented photographer. I’m really impressed. I’ll be checking out the website from time to time.

From Becky Burttram-
That is awesome! I know you are proud!

From Randy when he sent to all his contacts :)
Hey all…
This site is from my wife’s son, Phillip. Phillip and his girlfriend, Liz, and their dog, Honey, have hitch-hiked all over the United States and Canada, and Mexico….well, now they are over in Romania. Phillip has put together some pictures of their journey’s, and this site will take you there. I’ll admit, he’s got a talent for photography, maybe something good will come about from his worldwide excursions.

Check out some of his work.

From Deborah in Georgia –
impressive photography!!!!!!!!!!

From A guy Randy used to work with in Trussville –
Totally awesome pics. He is a wonderful photographer. Matter of fact I recently splurged on a new Nikon D40 SLR camera. I am getting started on some photo pics myself. I guess this is my new and only hobby. Thanks for sharing the pics

From Ian in Australia –
I like his stuff.

From Laura in Florida –
Wow, he is really, really good! I bookmarked his page and will send out the website to all my friends! I think you will see him in NG one day!

From a friend of mine that lives in California –
How proud you must be!
I worked a lot in photography when I was in college and I really liked his work.

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