New Website - Josh Manning's Surf Adventures

G’day All,

Been working on a new little project with my eldest son over the last couple of weeks (hence not as many new pics – combined with absolutely no waves to speak of!). Check out Josh Manning’s Surf Adventures

My eldest Josh, is a great little surfer (OK – I’m a proud Dad!), he thrives on surfing and being in the ocean. Josh also has Asperger’s Syndrome, an Autism Spectrum Disorder that makes a whole lot of things most of take for granted really really challenging, especially social interactions. Here’s a link to a good website if you’d like to learn some more about Asperger’s – Click Here

Seeing as we spend most of our time on the beach (when we’re not at work!) and most of my photos these days are taken while I’m watching Josh surf, we’ve created a website for him to post his surfing adventures. Its helping him learn more about the internet, photography & videography, post processing and using the computer. Creating new video clips is also encouraging him to go a whole lot new places to surf and having people check out his website is really encouraging for him.

You can check out Josh’s website here (, and feel free to pass on the link if you know someone who might like to see it or be encouraged by what Josh is achieving!

Thanks all in advance for having a look!


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