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Hi and welcome, my name is Paul, these are my waves, I hope you enjoy them…

16 October 2011: Over the last year (since Nov 2010) my photography has taken a back seat to other activity in our lives, not the least of which has been training for an Ironman Triathlon and supporting family, in particular helping my eldest boy Josh as he faces life with the challenge of Asperger’s Syndrome… an Autism Spectrum Disorder…

As I sat looking through my profile I realised why these pictures and this awesome environment mean so much to me… it’s because this is the world that Josh thrives in… it gives him life and has taught him so very, very much…

I hope you enjoy looking through my images and that they find a special place for you…

If you’d like to see Josh thriving in this environment check out his blog

You can also check out my blog Red Watch for Autism set up to add another voice to the chorus of people championing awesome kids like Josh!

Here’s my faves…


Interested in how I create my water images? You can read about it here

Thanks a bucket to Drec and the hosts of The Gold Coast group for honoring me with being the first featured artist in the group and an interview and Here

I was recently honored with an interview in Style! Class! Elegance! Excellence! – thanks Ralph, you can check it out by clicking here

I’ve released a series of calendars for 2010, featuring the waves of 2009, images taken from the water, sunrises and sunsets and the power of the ocean ~ stop by and have a look and have a Perfect Wave Gallery collection in your place everyday of the year!

thanks for visiting… if you’d like to know anything about my images I’d be more than happy to help… now get out there and soak up the world around you…

(Note: As much as it pains me to write this I will… as much as I love sharing my images, they are not for stealing… I trust that copyright will be respected, if you would like a copy of an image for whatever reason please contact me… thanks in advance)

the following images have been featured (for which I am truly thankful), and are my absolute faves! Hope you enjoy!

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2011 Calendar - Perfection

A collection of my waves that you the viewers voted as the best of my collection in terms of sales, faves, comments and views. / Hope that you enjoy, and if you know a ocean lover or serious wax head them I’m sure that they’d love to find one of these calendars in their Christmas stocking – I hear they are as good as the ones you find on those stands in the malls! / Otherwise, j…
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New Website - Josh Manning's Surf Adventures

G’day All, / Been working on a new little project with my eldest son over the last couple of weeks (hence not as many new pics – combined with absolutely no waves to speak of!). Check out Josh Manning’s Surf Adventures / My eldest Josh, is a great little surfer (OK – I’m a proud Dad!), he thrives on surfing and being in the ocean. Josh also has Asperger’s Syn…
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Something Different ~ What do you think??

While we were in Hawaii earlier this year we made the walk up to the Manoa Falls behind Honolulu, through the Bamboo Forrest ~ it was a pretty awesome walk and of course the camera came along. Looking through my images I found these that I took along the walk, the flora absolutely capitivated me and I really loved these images. Of course they don’t fit with my normal style of waves so I h…
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What's up with this????

I generally ignore these but you have to wonder, what’s up with the profiles that simply have a name, no avatar, no details and just a heap of favorite images??? / Just seems a little strange… maybe someone who just likes pictures??? / Happens maybe a couple of times a week! / Here’s one from yesterday
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