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The Artists Behind Their Art-Interview with RealMcCoyArt


This is the next in a series of interviews I have conducted at 3D Landscapes Gone Digital on some of the brilliant artists that inspire us, teach us, leave us in awe, and raise the bar for others to follow. This is my attempt to get to know the artists behind the art, and what makes them so creative.

Our next artist we are going to expose needs no introduction as I believe he is also well known and respected here at the bubble for some of his very realistic and imaginitive landscapes. I am often impressed by the perspective he uses when creating them. What a wonderful imagination!!!

1. Please introduce yourself and tell us where you come from?
Hi. My name is Claude McCoy and I live in Edmonds Washington.

2. What program(s) do you use to make your images?
I use Artmatic which is a Mac program to create algorithmic abstract images and Bryce, also a Mac program to create 3D images. I have also used Daz studio to pose some of the figures I use in my images.

3. Where do you get your inspiration?
Many of my 3D images just “evolve.” I am limited by the parameters of the program and the library of content items I have on hand. Some of the most fun has been just combining content at random until I get an idea for an image. More rarely I start out with an idea.

4. Do you have a formal education in graphic arts? If not, where did you learn to create such breathtaking images?
Entrance to medical school was partially dependant on grade point so I took art classes in college to improve my grade point.

5. Who, if anyone, has influenced you the most? And how?
Art was my favorite class in Jr. Hi. Mrs. Porter my 9th grade teacher gave me A grades in art. When I told her I wanted to be an artist she discouraged me from pursuing that as a career as she felt that not many persons made much money as an artist.

6. Do you enjoy creating any other types of art? If so… what?
I love to see beautiful creations in all media. From time to time I have experimented with jewelry making and photography. Currently I have limited myself to generative art because of the constraints of time money and energy.

7. How did you get started in the 3D genre and for how long have you been doing 3D graphics?
In anticipation of partial retirement I bought myself a Mac G5 with a 30” screen with the intent to have some fun indulging my creative self.
I have been creating images for 3 years.

8. That brings me to the question if there are any other applications you would like to try?
I have a Z Brush program that can be used to sculpt any kind of 3D object. It is very complicated so I have been waiting to find a college program I can audit to learn how to use it. I also need to learn to use my photoshop program.

9. What is your favorite image(s) created by other artists and why?
Please consult my red bubble “favorites” gallery. Everyone’s idea of beauty is different. Truly beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Generally I like images that are uniquely constructed with attention to balance, perspective and are saturated in color with vivid contrasts.

10. What are you favorite and least favorite works from your gallery and why?
I think I will leave the critique of my art to the viewers. I confess that I like the images that draw the most recognition whether positive or negative.

11. How does it feel being aware of the inspiration you have given to many artists?
I am not aware of this. If true I am happy to have made a contribution.

12. Are you a Host and/or Co-Host of some groups here on RB? And if.. can you tell us which ones?
I am not a host. I have offered to be a host for a “Tall ships and Windjammers” group on two occasions but did not receive a positive response from Red Bubble.

13. Do you have any plans to create any tutorials or learning materials which may be helpful to 3D users?
I am still a student learner not yet qualified to instruct others.

14. I always find it interesting to see who an artist is in real life….so, What do you do away from RedBubble?
I have been a practicing psychiatrist for 47 years. I currently work only one day a week at the office. I have been giving serious thought to completely retiring when I reach 80 in less than 3 years.
15. Do you have any advice for beginners?
My art career began 3 years ago so I am also a beginner. I don’t think I qualify to instruct other “beginners”.

The following is just a glimpse into this amazing gallery. Please take a moment to go see it for yourself, and be amazed at Claude’s wonderful work!!

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Please note that this interview will be published at 3D Landscapes Gone Digital and was published in the RedBubble Weekly Wrap-My Interview with RealMcCoyArt* RedBubble for the Weekly Wrap.

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