Plan Bee Designs specialise in making t-shirts which focus on individuality and are aimed to inspire people to dream, pursue their passions, be happy, live the life they wish for and to love and be loved.

Plan Bee t-shirts are fun, comfy, quirky and cute and make good presents for those you love, and of course, are a great way to spoil yourself! PlanBee will happily design t-shirts on request, or will alter designs to suit YOU!!

SO isn’t it time for PlanBee ©?

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2oo sales!!!!

PlanBee Designs has just cracked the 200 sales mark, so I just wanted to thank all my wonderful customers out there. Whether you are a loyal customer, or a first-time buyer, I value each and everyone of you! / Selling my shirts is just a hobby for me, but it means so much that you all buy my shirts, because I am absolutely thrilled to have you wear them around and bring a smile to other people&#…
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I don’t normally do shout outs, but just check out the awesome photography skills of these two fab guys I know…. Here’s the link to their RedBubble Photography! / / Love their name. Love their stuff.
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I just cracked the 100 sales mark, so a big shout out thanking everyone for their support!!! / i’m looking forward to uploading new designs soon! / Let me know of any requests :) / Don’t forget to like Planbee designs on facebook. Click here to do so / thanks! / bee
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Many of you have been showing your support for planbee designs by buying tshirts and stickers, which is great, so thank you! / To recieve more frequent updates on new designs, sales, promotions, and to have your say on what products/designs Bee should try next become a fan of planbee designs on facebook. Click here and spread the word!!! / Your support is greatly appreciated!
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