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By Paula Cattermole ©

Eye’s they are hard to catch…..!!! But intriguing to an artist… I have found that when you sit looking in to a face for a long time, it isn’t just a face anymore there is a soul hiding inside i am trying to find this soul in my art

when you are viewing my art say hi or just a was here :)

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working on

This is the draft for the illustrations for one of my poems the hard bit was trying to remember how I was feeling at the time of the witting and what pictures were in my mind now I have got the composition, the next step is to fined the mood that I want, this is looking to cartoony for me at the moment so that will have to change but how to get that I have no clue yet, but this is my never ending…
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why can i not see comment and replys under activity and bunch of other stuff???
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yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!blowing my Owen trumpet

past the exam and got a distinction in interior design I feel good hard work pays off
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does-any one think vote

that it would be nice if there was a nice fitting girl long sleeve on red bubble or even some other products to get people looking casters mug mats mouse mats bags well may be not bags orrrrr may be!!!!!! / how about a t-shit template that lets us do designs up and over the shoulder food for thought people food for thought!!!!!! / dont read and run vote ;;;;Y for good thinking ;;;;N for brain de…
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