After training to be a commercial artist at my dads advertising studio in Manchester,i went freelance to work alongside the larger Ad agencies,McCann Erickson,Royds and Saatchi.

During these fantastic days, i would take the clients brief and create the initial concept then straight through the process of artwork design, photography, typography, finished artwork and publish/print.
Starting in the days of “hot metal” and Cow gum for paste up,i had this fast and crazy life for 25 years.

When i had a divorce, i found out i could cook,marvellous,what an inspiration,cooking steaks and drinking red wine,how difficult is this? 12 months later i started my own little bistro and went into catering…still very creative,but on a plate instead of an A2 layout pad.

When my Dad passed away a few years ago, i inherited his Pentax E.S. with 3 prime lenses 28,55 and 135mm with all the receipts and case (still got these now as well as the Agfa).
This rekindled my passion for pix and all the gear that comes with it and 6 years down the line, i have decided to pack in the catering,leave England behind and concentrate on my pix.

So this is where i am now…looking at you in Red Bubble.

Bye for now…G

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