Dave Lloyd

Joined October 2007

Hi. My name is Dave and I have been taking images for many decades. I’ve worked professionally and also just for the pure enjoyment...

RB - So Addictive

Where I live it is now 1.57 am. Tonight, I uploaded a few images to RB and then sat and watched the counter as it passed 3,000 views. This is after less than a month of joining.

Got something better to do with my time – you may ask ? Well, I’m tired but also quite enjoying my time on here.

Even though I run a gallery, and sell my images for a living, I’m finding RB quite addictive. There seems to be a real ‘art’ community feel here which I very much appreciate.

There are so many wonderfully creative folk here and there is so much fantastic art to view that I can see a few late nights coming up.

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