Sleepy Paint Brushes and Texturing Media

It’s been a while since I had a good cuddle with my paint brushes. I have been inspired by bubblers to get back at it, so I must wake up those tools and put them back to work. I have been playing with acrylic moulding media and I’m interested to see what I can do with them. Have any of you ever worked with these materials and can you provide guidance? I have done very little textured work, I think the only one on RB is Study in M, a rewind of a lovely piece by Monet. I am curious about other’s experiences with texture, when you use it, and how you use it. Please share! (thanks :)

TEDxSechelt: Creativity

I am off to a TED “affiliated” talk. It is not a formal TED talk (?) but it is a talk that is affiliated with TED. Perhaps I’ll figure out what that means when I’m at the talk this weekend. In any case, the topic of discussion is creativity.

This is my favourite story to tell about creativity: I was at a party asking that age old stupid question, “What do you do?” The fellow I was talking to said, “I teach art.” And then he continued on to say, “A seven year-old kid asked me that question at a party and when I told him of my profession he squished up his nose and looked at me sideways. ‘What do you mean, you teach art?’ the kid asked rhetorically. ’I’ve done art for years. Don’t you just DO art?…

Unexpected Snail Mail

I sell cards on this site because I believe very strongly in the value of personal communication. How often do you receive unexpected snail mail? How often do you send it?
Consider transforming your relationships with snail mail cards. I can tell you, from personal experience, that a card received by post is so much more personal than email, and represents someone making the effort.
Please consider purchasing copies of my art as cards to send unexpectedly to your friends and family and for people who you want to become your friends and family. It will change your life.

The influence of adventures

Travel = Peace – the more people I know, the more people I want to see living full and long lives. I love to travel. From seeing the world to meeting people. Sure, everyone meets dough-heads, now and again, but those people make up a very small portion of the population. But I digress.

I am writing this journal to formally announce my return to my computer and bubbling. I have learned so much and been so inspired by my trip. I traveled through the north-western United States and met so many kind, generous, and genuine people. I met a fabulous glass-blower in Winthrop, Washington who lives off the land, honours sustainable living, and inspires children and adults with his livelihood. I met grandparents who camp with their kids and grand kids every year, and who honoured us with…

Shooting Paintings

Not with a gun! Although, I’ve always thought it strange that we use the word shooting for both guns and cameras. Working in educational television I would always stop short as conversations ensued about shooting classes. It’s a very weird cross-over.

But, that’s not why I write. Instead, I am contemplating the impact of transforming my paintings into digital files. Sometimes I look at one of my original paintings and I think it looks pretty good – then I shoot it. Why is it that I can see errors once a piece is digital? How is it that the platform upon which my art is viewed actually changes the way in which it is perceived? I’ve seen this so many times. In fact, I actually hold myself back from photographing a piece of art until I think I’m r…

An Education

My little pleasure is to take time, now and again, to go and vote for pieces in challenges. It is such an education to see the variety of works and styles. I feel as though I learn so much about exploration and limitless expression as I evaluate each image or written work that is entered. While I know there are people who give written instruction on this site, I feel like my own approach to my work is changing and growing just because of the amazing opportunity to evaluate and understand other’s works. Please consider leaving a message telling me and others about your latest favourite redbubble artists so we can go to visit their work. It’s such a fantastic educational opportunity!

Here are a couple of my latest favourites:

Thomas Gainsborough

Is my new and latest art hero.
With all this Royal Wedding hubbub in the media, it got me to thinking about what I would recommend as an appropriate wedding dress for this event. I lean towards the styles reflected during the reign of Marie Antoinette because I believe such a choice nods in the direction of honouring the French influence in the development of Britain, therefore reflecting a level of education and honour of British and French history that I expect of the two getting hitched. As said in wikipedia : Fashion in the period 1750–1795 in European and European-influenced countries reached heights of fantasy and abundant ornamentation, especially among the aristocracy of France, before a long-simmering movement toward simplicity and democratization of dress under the influence

Printing on A Variety Of Canvases

Hey fellow redbubblers – can any of you suggest how to go about printing some of my images on leather or cloth for designing into fashion handbags? I have been considering this option for a very long time but really don’t know how to go about doing it – short of printing on my own machine and making a photo transfer. That’s certainly not a high production approach. Any suggestions are welcome!