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I am a Canadian hobby artist.

I don’t waste time trying to be cool. If my work speaks to you, that is enough for me. I don’t play on the edge of anything – I’ve learned better than that. What I do is present what I see, how I see it, and the way I want to translate it into art.

I love the experience of sharing a pot of tea with gentle, supportive, caring friends and family. It is often during these close connections that I get inspiration for my artistry.

The Pixie-Atelier is my tiny little workspace. I am @theteapixie and I paint, design jewellery, play with graphics software, and scribe, all from my cosy corner. In this land, aspects of nature seem larger than life and this can be seen in my paintings, photography, digital design, my pixie’s art, and my pixie partner’s photography. I have yet to find a rose as large as I can paint one. Mind you, my jewellery tends toward miniaturizing the earth’s treasures.

I wish upon you the beauties of the Pixie-Atelier.

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International Artists

I found out about this site in a magazine and, because of my involvement here, the whole world of art has opened up for me – literally. I am now finding fantastic artists and their work, and they’re located all over the world. It is truly inspiring to see the works of Tokiko Anderson, Maria Medeiros, and Christine Clarke. I aspire to create pieces with so much air and breath. And …
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Sleepy Heads Featured!

Ohhhh – someone likes my work! It’s featured here this week:Acrylic Painting
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Rose Dreams Featured!

The group, Acrylic Painting, has selected Rose Nik as a feature for “10,10,10!” Yipppeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. !! Thank you Roza!
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Making Meaning

It’s what we do when we draw, write, talk, think, photograph, paint, or use electronic media to create. It’s this, not that. It’s that, not this. Pixies can’t help but define things by what they are not. And yet, we become defined by what we do. Not who we are. Not even how we think. But what we do. No matter how much you may consider yourself to have a clear sense…
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