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I am a Canadian artist.

The Pixie-Atelier is my tiny little workspace. I am @theteapixie and I paint, design jewellery, play with graphics software, and scribe for the world, all from my cosy corner. In this land, aspects of nature seem larger than life and this can be seen in my paintings, photography, digital design, my pixie’s art, and my pixie partner’s photography. I have yet to find a rose as large as I can paint one. Mind you, my jewellery tends toward miniaturizing the earths treasures so that they can adorn the bodies of perfect pixies. I wish upon you the beauties of the Pixie-Atelier.

Some of my writing is available at Teapixie

All In One Basket as a card

Sleepy Heads on black mat with black frame.

Sallymander T-shirt by Pixie’s Pixie.

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Introducing a New Artist

My dear Redbubble friends, / I would like to introduce you to a new Redbubble Artist – Carla Shirley. / Please go Here to see her fantastic work.
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Git Yer Read On!

It’s that time of year where a good read goes hand in hand with a soft bed in the outdoors. / I have been dreaming for far too long about travel writing. I’ve dabbled in it, here and there, and now I’m putting my brain to thought. If you’d like to kick back and have a fun read of my shortish stories, please take a look at a few of my articles here: / How To Get Off A Tra…
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Sleepy Paint Brushes and Texturing Media

It’s been a while since I had a good cuddle with my paint brushes. I have been inspired by bubblers to get back at it, so I must wake up those tools and put them back to work. I have been playing with acrylic moulding media and I’m interested to see what I can do with them. Have any of you ever worked with these materials and can you provide guidance? I have done very little textu…
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TEDxSechelt: Creativity

I am off to a TED “affiliated” talk. It is not a formal TED talk (?) but it is a talk that is affiliated with TED. Perhaps I’ll figure out what that means when I’m at the talk this weekend. In any case, the topic of discussion is creativity. / This is my favourite story to tell about creativity: I was at a party asking that age old stupid question, “What do you d…
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