Born and raised in Hungary, living in the USA.

I fell in love with photography at the age of 13. Naturally, I started out with film, but a few years ago I switched to digital and I enjoy it much more. Photoshop is my favorite playground.

God’s creation is so awesome. I see beauty in just about everything around me; shapes, texture, light falling on things in different ways, etc. I hope my art speaks to your heart.

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I Need Help!

I’m not sure what I’m missing, but I tried to link my website following the text formatting guide, but it does not work. I can make italics and bold, but no link. / Can someone tell me how to do it, please? / THANKS!
Posted almost 8 years – 3 comments

Front page...WOW!

I just noticed as I was looking through my activity monitor that my “When The Music Fades” made it to the front page. Hallelujah! Thanks RB for picking it. / I hope some people will buy it. And thank you everyone for your support through your kind comments!
Posted almost 8 years – 3 comments