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Hello there ! I am a small time pixel artist who specialises in creating incredibly tiny and very blocky versions of characters from movies, video games, popular culture and other random oddities.

For almost a year now, I have been amassing a collection of tiny sprites, and due to popular demand I will be turning them into a collection of rather cool products for you to enjoy. I hope you like them !

Check out the tumblr blog !

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Sorry for the lack of additions

Recently I have been so very, very busy with everything that I have not added as much to the Redbubble store as I would have liked. / However, when I get more time I will definitely work up some more stickers and prints ! / Meanwhile, I have been experimenting with a new set of RANDOM STICKER PACKS over on my Etsy store, featuring plenty of the popular pixel characters from the PixelBlock Tumblr …
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New "Choose Your Hero" 2 Shirt available !

Find it Here : / http://www.redbubble.com/people/pixelblock/works/9668485-choose-your-hero-arrangement-number-2
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New piece added ! Pixel Tatooine Landscape !

Just dropped a fancy new landscape piece on my store. Fans of gradients, pixels, scenery and big blocks of colour should definitely check it out ! / http://www.redbubble.com/people/pixelblock/works/9382848-pixel-tatooine-landscape
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New Update coming soon !

I’m planning on adding a few more pieces in time for an Update on Monday. Check my Tumblr for more, plus information on a special giveaway !
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