My name is Skeld and I am a pixel artist, editor and pixel-loving gamer. I made deresolutions of the whole League of Legends – and will do even more pixelated characters!

Feel free to look through the store, grab some awesome pixel-gear and show your pixelated love with some retro stuff!

If you want other characters or anything else in pixelated style, feel free to head over to my daily blog Pixel-League ( and send me a message – or ask via mail at

The future is pixelated!

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Pixel Power

Welcome to my new shop! Oh, my name’s Skeld and this is Pixel-League, a shop and site ( that focuses on pixel-art based on the famous League of Legends. And because pixels are such a great toy to play with, I’ll derezz anything else as well. / I hope you enjoy browsing through the store – and love pixels as much as I do!
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