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Graphic designer, photomanipulation since 2009,
they are created in April 2010 website exposing
his creations, photomanipulations.

In June 2010 that begins the adventure of his shop
He began by creating its own online store on its site,
offering a wide range of products from its achievements.

From September 2010 he began to implement
creating point of sale.

Projecting the idea of providing many services for individuals
and professionals in the field of printing
and photography, while offering its products, month after month
Shop ‘’Pitch Art Studio’’ is born.

Pitch Art is now a sole proprietorship, which specializes
in printing – Photo – Personalisation

Currently still in preparation
The opening of the store ‘’Pitch Art Studio’’ is scheduled
for February / March 2011.

‘’Studio Pitch Art’’- Sole Proprietorship under No. 522 738 319 0022 -
whose head office is located at 14 Rue de la gare 44460 Avessac -

Pitch’’Art’’is a trademark registered with INPI
26 bis, rue Saint Petersburg – 75800 Paris Cedex 08
Phone: – –
A national public created by Law No. 51-444 of 19 April 1951.

Any correspondence or complaints should be directed to the following address

Pitch Art Studio
14 rue de la gare 44460 Avessac
Or by phone

  • Age: 30
  • Joined: August 2010

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