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My Job is about workplace safety, I’m a technician and sometime my photos can show it: just when I found some industrial implant or machinery to shot to.

I like looking around and find little things that rarely people consider an “interesting” subject for a photo.

in the last year I begin to shoot people in the street, I like it unless there are a lot of problems in take shoot of unknow people.

I try to do my best with my Canon EOS 1000D.



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calendars: it's not too late

here you can find a link for calendars you my find interesting. / hope you enjoy it: / “industrial detail” calendar: / / a series of detail and architecture shot of industrial, plants and machinery. / “from italian walls” calendar: / / shots of the walls of Bologna (my hometown), as they talk to people: plaster colors, decoration and textures of surfaces
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my new bubblesite

well … I made my bubblesite. / I think that’s a very elegant way to present shots; flexible and easy. / hope you enjoy it. / Go to my Bubblesite! / ciao
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