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Pip Gerard

Pip Gerard

Mornington Peninsula, Australia

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Lest I forget - 11-11-10

In Remembrance of our grandfather, George Gerard.

My Father’s Father.

Stationed in Palestine, Italy as well as other places I’m currently not aware of.

In Palestine exactly 70 years ago! (it’s so hard to believe really that it’s only 70 years ago!)

Prisoner of War for 4 years!!!

I promise…. I will never forget!! As will none of the rest of your proud family!

Love you Gramps… miss you.


I believe this is on the streets of Sydney, Australia.
That’s my Grandpa on the right.

Gramps… on the far right.
Don’t have any information on where or who with.

Above is Grandpa (on the far left) in Tel Aviv, Palestine where they were stationed.
In a Cafe called Cafe Ayyia (or Alyia) April 1940.
I believe it was in Palestine where he was captured.