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Tarboy - Animated Short Film

Came across a truly brilliant Aussie animator recently… James Lee!

I highly reccomend watching all his short films on his website… especially the fantastic Pop Star short.

Definitely an artist to keep an eye on.

Tar Boy is his latest dynamite short film.

The soundtrack…the animation… the deeper meaning… everything just works beautifully!!

(you can double click on the youtube film link below to be taken to youtube to watch it full screen for full effect, as well as to give him a rating, a favourite and a subscribe perhaps)


Cake Pops

I saw these very unique, creative and new kind of treats that I’d not seen before and thought I’d share them for the RB bakers out there.

Ever heard of Cake Pops?

I don’t have the patience for this kind of baking.. but I had a lot of fun looking at these two gorgeous websites all the same.

Click on the images to be taken to the recipes

And these little thingies… reminded me of RB with their little Red round hats… they look like the RB community with all it’s wonderful and varied personalities and talents.

Piss for Peace

In 1969, a 14-year-old Beatle fanatic named Jerry Levitan snuck into John Lennon’s hotel room in Toronto and convinced him to do an interview. 38 years later, Levitan, director Josh Raskin and illustrator James Braithwaite have collaborated to create an animated short film using the original interview recording as the soundtrack. A spellbinding vessel for Lennon’s boundless wit and timeless message, I Met the Walrus was nominated for the 2008 Academy Award for Animated Short.

Eddie Izzard & The Death Star Canteen

This still makes me laugh!


Seems the complete one of a kind comedian that is Eddie Izzard is soon to be releasing a documentary called Believe.


Quote from an online comedians blog (Virginia Jones) point of view:

The thing that most impresses me about Eddie is not his wit. It’s the single bloody mindedness with which he approaches everything. He’s taught himself comedy on the streets of Camden to become a fracking phenomenon. He’s a stocky transvestite who’s forced Hollywood to accept him. He ran 43 marathons in 50 days on six weeks of training (translation: no training.) He can do anything he believes he can do, and he believes he can do anything.

My Skate Deck Collection

Ok… so some of you already know that my Mr got back into skateboarding about 5 years ago after about 15 years and took to it with more passion I’ve ever seen him have before for something.

During Luke’s re-ignition of his passion for skateboarding… I started getting intrigued and interested in the skate culture, especially that surrounding the old school 80s & early 90s pro skaters. We watched documentaries, read biographies, and slowly just got more and more interested and entertained by the culture of the sport.

And then one day I came across this Tony Alva Inca Blanket new release deck online and just fell in love with the color and design and just had to have it! (It’s just so my style). It’s now hanging in my home office.

So that was the deck …

Contemporary Beauty Ideals - Remus Grecu

I cannot stress highly enough how much a new artist here on red bubble has affected me today!!

Watch this Video

To quote part of the plaque written by the Anti Anorexia organisation next to the paintings in the exhibit…

Beauty Ideals change. Today celebrities, the media, and the fashion industry all promote body measurements that are unattainable with healthy eating behaviours.

Remus Grecu was the young artist hired to paint the series. A series that to me portrays a strong & vital message for women of todays society so poignantly.

Click on the images below to visit the works…. (and he has some wonderful other work in his portfolio too)

Calling all T-Shirt Creators!!

It’s new!!

It’s now!!

It’s wow!!

Sorry… corny I know. That’s a silly statement from one of the Spiderman movies that just came to mind :)

But seriously… this group is new… and it’s wow :)

A few weeks ago, I along with other t-shirt creators were approached by bubble to help start up a group especially for the t-shirt community.

The main aim was to hopefully create a hive of activity for all t-shirt creators. Kind of like… if you come there … you can be guaranteed to find at least one thing going on or new.

So… this is an invite to all tee designers… to please come join us!! : )

We already have a challenge running for the group’s avatar Here

There’s a t-shirt superstore that we want to stock with RBR…

My Latest Photie Album

I take a lot of pic’s of just day to day family stuff… and some of it (if I feel good enough) will make it onto Bubble but most of it doesnt.

I’d still love to share some of my pic’s with my bubble friends so I thought I’d create a little Bubble Album in my journal.

These pic’s are from when we visited the 2009 Melbourne Flower Show.

Kane lined up so patiently for over 20 mins for a cuddle from King Kong Elmo

So Kane sees his Mum taking photo’s all the time (cause I take them of textures and stuff for stock too). And on this day he decided he wanted to do what Mummy was doing. Here he is with his Grammy’s camera… taking a photo of a piece of tanbark :D LOL

We go into the animal nursery… you know for innocent fun for all the y…

Las Vegas Little Rascals

I first came across one of my Bubble friends – Susanne Correa when I found my favourite little pit bull terrior here on the bubble named Freckles

Since that time Susanne has been working so incredibly hard building her portrait photography skills as well as getting her new Las Vegas photography business up and running.

It’s a pure pleasure to see the growth in her portraits. I honestly can see her photographs getting published one day… perhaps in collaboration with the Las Vegas NSPCA that she’s been giving her time to for such a long time.

So this is a shout out for this very hard working lady. She’s proved that by taking the plunge to do what she loved and then working very hard to get it.. it really can happen.

Check out her wonderful new website/busine…

The Kinder Years

My son just had his Kinder photos taken and even though I take hundreds of photo’s of him… I just had to buy many of them! (this is my fave cause his tongue is sticking through his front teeth) :)

When I got them and I looked through them they were in a little plastic photo album with the portraits in the front… the ‘action’ shots in the centre and then of course the class portrait with the teachers at the end. My Kinder photo’s were nearly exactly the same! It brought all my memories of my Kinder photo’s come crashing back (and I remember so much of my Kinder – the funnest and free-est time of education).

So of course nostalgic me (I’ll admit I get nostalgic a lot!!) looked up my old Kinder pics…

How To Avoid Internet Scams - Must Know Information. PLEASE READ.

I’m receiving scam emails more and more (now on a weekly basis) and I’m hearing about others being ripped off by low life predators on the internet! It makes me so upset that there’s so many horrible people out there that have no conscience when it comes to taking advantage of others. These con artists are mainly praying on the elderly and those that have little internet experience and sadly they’re getting away with it all the time and making a lot of money.

So I’ve decided I want to help to try to spread the word about what I’ve learned over my years with my ebay business. (Many of you probably already know this… but if not.. please take careful note for the safety of your money).

Let’s not let these a-holes keep getting away with it. Te…

New Homepage Picks - More Gorgeous work found on Bubble!

This is now my fourth journal showing you an array of wonderful work.

the latest exciting and interesting pick’s I’ve come across and put together as possible choices for the homepage… As always it’s a pure love job!!

Just click on anything you like to view , comment or favourite





Have a look at these incredible works I've found on bubble...

This is now my third journal showing an array of truly fabulous works by other very talented artists here. I put together themes then put forward as possible options for the homepage.

click here to view talented Aglaia’s choices.

Click on them to view and comment/favourite.








Great Places to Visit in Victoria.

I wrote this in the forum of the Melbourne Victoria group and thought I’d add it as a journal entry in case it interests anyone else:

Places to visit in Victoria.

My parents were from Sydney… and moved down here before I was born. Because of this fact I grew up seeing so many incredible Victorian sites that I don’t think I would have seen if they’d not moved here from Sydney. Of course.. .now they’re loud and proud Victorianites. I have the most incredible memories of childhood and all the truly wonderful places we went to. Here’s a list of my most favourite memories (the places we’d been to many many times) that I love to reminice about often (I plan to take my son to all these places… in fact we’ve already been to many):

- William

1st Place!!! I can't tell you how over the moon I was!!

My stomach flipped when I opened bubble to find my froggy tee had come first in the fabulous T’s (You Choose) challenge!!

Thank You Thank You Thank You to those that voted… and to Bubble for providing the opportunity! It’s given me a lift, more motivation and brightened my week!!!








Let us start by saying WELCOME to all our newest members. This group is beginning to thrive!

Latest News

We welcome our newest host, Cathie Tranent to Tee HQ. Cathie is among one of earlier, longer standing, 2007 member crew of RB and is an active part of both the t-shirt and writing community. We’re excited and thankful to have her on board. Cathie will be focus…