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My 15 most influential artists in 15 mins

Inspired by Damien Mason’s Journal … here’s the 15 artists that immediately came to mind when i thought about my biggest artistic influences in my life this far.


1. Joan Walsh Anglund (my first ever favourite illustrator of my favourite books received when I was 5)
2. Brian Froud (HUGE influence)
3. Michael Salmon (my Dad’s Friend who I looked up to so full on when I was about 7!)
4. John Lennon
5. M C Escher
6. Van Gogh
7. Daniel Merriam
8. Michael Parkes
9. Quentin Blake
10. Giger
11. Shaun Tan
12. Brett Whitely
13. Alan Aldridge (the King of the 60’s!)
14. Lorna Gerard (My Mum)
15. Chris Morgan (My Aunty)

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