Pip Gerard

Pip Gerard

Mornington Peninsula, Australia

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WTF Vintage Photographs

Came across these and was just so lost for words… that I couldn’t help but share them!!

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  • Soxy Fleming
    Soxy Flemingover 5 years ago

    lips that touch liquor….I’m lost for words…good find!

  • isn’t it classic? And I can’t get over their facial expressions.

    – Pip Gerard

  • R-evolution GFX
    R-evolution GFXover 5 years ago


  • © Karin  Taylor
    © Karin Taylorover 5 years ago

    amazing and bizarre!

  • bev langby
    bev langbyover 5 years ago

    OMG a bloke would have to be drunk to even want to kiss those women lol
    im going back for another look lol

  • bev langby
    bev langbyover 5 years ago

    hey whats with those Klu Klux Klan women lol , im going back again lol

  • my understanding was that the Klan were made up of men. Totally bizarre to see them on a ferris wheel that’s for sure.

    – Pip Gerard

  • aglaia b
    aglaia bover 5 years ago

    ;-) xox

  • bev langby
    bev langbyover 5 years ago

    totally bizarre thanks for sharing Pip

  • glad you got as much entertainment from it as I did.

    – Pip Gerard

  • Patricia Howitt
    Patricia Howittover 5 years ago

    What a hoot – just shows that “photomanipulation” – in whatever form – has been going on for some time lol!

  • bev langby
    bev langbyover 5 years ago

    i feel sad at the “freak show” one for want of a better word but thats how they were touted in those days ….

  • Kristi Bryant
    Kristi Bryantover 5 years ago

    where on earth did you find these??? They’re terrific!!! Im so intrigued by all of them, I can choose which one to stare longest at!!

  • right here by chance

    – Pip Gerard

  • and I know what you mean… i think I studied them over and over again for at least 15 mins :)

    – Pip Gerard