How do we know that we don’t have fur just underneath our smooth skin? I mean the fur of a black bear, smeared with berries and the blood of fish. Oh, the x-rays won’t spot it. It is rougher than coarse stone, finer than air: this animal body in our bodies, this connection to a miraculous creation.

Part of our brains are on a brilliant kind of autopilot… just brilliant, inventing a million ways to keep insanity going in the world. I mean the oh so familiar dysfunctional disconnection that someone soaked us in, an incessant washing of the brain with the milk of discontent. And so the familiar conditioning says, don’t look too deep into the most of you, you might find too much trouble there, while the symbol making, music loving, heart-beated, drum thumped, danced crazed and wild heart of us goes on whistling dream songs beyond our reach, luring us through luminous looks and moments of confusing clarity.

There are birds in our blood; the trees are kissing us with every breath. Great beings watch over us from realms where a thousand earth years are but one very interesting day. Some of us are kings in these worlds, some queens, some wizards, some prophets, all adventurers, who signed up to be diminished into flesh, squeezed into this world of forgetfulness, this place where we learn the hard lessons of willfully destroying the web of light through every little discourtesy, with each lie, continually shattering the wonder-child’s trust with this twisted insecurity that drives our greed.

It is closing time now: the night has fallen and we don’t even miss the hidden sun. World makers beat the dead horse of their contrivance and shout: it is bound to get up any minute now. But it is over. The whole system is collapsing. Time to wake up. Time to turn it all around, get down on our knees, look into our children’s questioning eyes, re-find the deep soul of us, nuzzle earth. Time to let sharp claws tear our skin open from the inside. And in the dark eyes of the animal us a smile will appear, reflected in each eye, lighting up the distant horizons, spattering golden beauty all over the world.

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People are waking up, all over the world. This age of materialistic short sightedness, willful denial, and manipulation of souls for profit is dying now. And none too soon, for it is hell bent on destruction, of the Earth, of our children’s hopes and dreams. Yep… it is utterly imperative to wake up and start dancing in the streets, celebrating the gift and miracle of all existence, gaining the courage of loving each other, and of laughter.


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A poet, author, photographer and workshop leader with over 3,000 poems and 8 books in print as well as 20 CDs of recorded poetic work.
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  • Greta  McLaughlin
    Greta McLaughlinover 2 years ago

    January 9th, 2012

  • SUPER!!! :)

    – Blake Steele

  • LindaR
    LindaRover 2 years ago

    your light shining so bright is an awakening Blake ~ if we have the courage to stand inside our truth and be our Self ~ our own sun stars await behind the clouds, singing beneath the skin, awaiting breath to be given over to blow through our vocal chords and be part of this rising chorus of yours ~ xxx

  • Yes! Your sun pours into words so beautifully, Linda. Thank you!

    – Blake Steele

  • Rhenastarr
    Rhenastarrover 2 years ago

    Congrats on your well deserved feature. This is an awesome piece of writing.

  • Thanks, Rhena. Much Love!

    – Blake Steele

  • Donna19
    Donna19over 2 years ago

    Blake so well said. I agree with you. Far too long the deteriorating existences that people have been living is just beginning to change. Slow but sure. A new discovery of simple and basic joys that have always been there but ignored in favor of materialism is fading and I am so happy and excited at what is to come. This write said it beautifully.

  • Yes, yes… Donna. The shift is happening. Let’s keep our eyes wide open and our sharpen our taste for freedom, wholeness and genuine, unconditional Love.

    – Blake Steele

  • mmargot
    mmargotover 2 years ago

    More and more I hear people around me speak of similar things, but not as poetically, of course! We have gone too far : it is an imperative now. Thank you for saying the things we cannot or are afraid to see.

  • Like learning a new language, we can learn to speak about what is whole, natural, and truly good. We are going to grow… untwisted.

    – Blake Steele

  • Spindrift Ochre
    Spindrift Ochreover 2 years ago

    BRILLIANT JUST BRILLIANT – connecting with the animal within she is stiring inside…..circling me ready to pounce on my insercurities and break free. . I want to go home and dance like a wild cat! howl at the moon & run naked through the streets x

  • And so you shall… Let’s get many others. We shall have a howl at the sun, howl and the moon, howl our sweet freedom party that shall last forever!

    – Blake Steele

  • Jen Wahl
    Jen Wahlover 2 years ago

    I could not stop reading this… and then looked around behind the back of my computer just to make sure there wasn’t a page to turn ;) This is great… I got a real sense of your character.

  • Such a beautiful thing to say, Jen. Did you notice someone there… on the backside?

    – Blake Steele

  • Julian Wilde
    Julian Wildeover 2 years ago

    “inventing a million ways to keep the insanity going.” Brilliant and wise and real. ;-)

  • A bow and a leap to you, Julian.

    – Blake Steele

  • Redviolin
    Redviolinover 2 years ago

    LOVE , LOVE , LOVE this

  • I love that you love this. Thanks Red.

    – Blake Steele

  • Redviolin
    Redviolinover 2 years ago

    This poem resonates VERY strongly with me…it meant alot to read it

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