She lets her night robe slip off
and stands naked
in blue water’s laughter
and sunshine’s silent flow,
letting her skin be flushed
with cold water’s ticklings
and gold light’s caressing.
Water rivulets flash yellow and blue
on her white skin;
then dim into greens
and sheep-wool gray
in the shadows of her knees.
She sings and opens
all her being
to each sensation,
vanishing briefly
into the brightness
of her hullabaloo.
She dries her hair
as she recites poems
to the breezes;
then robes herself
with lamb’s wool and straw shoes,
the skin of a trout, honey,
old newspapers and a jasmine bloom
for a hat.

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Another poem from my Pio and Lilly collection: the love affair of a monk and a wild woman, raised with the animals and birds.

It is a celebration of this primal freedom that calls me out of the throats of bull elks, the dark eyes of bears, and the deep heart of unshackled souls. And of the wild, divine feminine, that has been so missing in the West but is now on the rise, spangling secret hearts with her beauty… everywhere.


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A poet, author, photographer and workshop leader with over 3,000 poems and 8 books in print as well as 20 CDs of recorded poetic work.
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  • hsien-ku
    hsien-kualmost 4 years ago

    in a robe of blue water and the sufi’s wool, fish-skinned with flowers in her hair. Lilly, reborn as isis or a black madonna, perfectly shadow-lit and free as we are not free.
    a beautiful song – for the trout, straw shoes are sufficient.

  • The sufi’s wool… I love that. And thank you for you and your creative expressions of the shadow-lit and free, as perhaps, we truly are free, dreaming this spell — trauma born and bruised — weeping our grief that we are weeping our grief on a sea of laughter, until we too remember that we know just how to sing it, to put that mythical fish skin over our feet and stumble along, dance along, daring to dream and wear flowers for the sake of flowers, for the sake of sad old women, just to bring a touch of joy, and that beauty that wakes us up, kissing us with silent orange light in the gray. I am reading you, and you lady, are real.

    – Blake Steele

  • sandra .
    sandra .almost 4 years ago

    What a celebratory song Blake x
    “She sings and opens
    all her being
    to each sensation….”

  • Thank you, Sandra… yes, celebrative of the hidden beauty, the wild free feminine that calls us, man and women… all creation into the dance of free beings, at last… waking up from the spell, getting down to the ecstatic work of turning nature into Love, its, and ours, highest purpose.

    – Blake Steele

  • LisaMM
    LisaMMalmost 4 years ago

    Exquisite once again Blake, your poetry is such a wonderful delight for the senses, your imagery is so, so vivid as the words just float across my mind so gently. I heard a flute softly playing as these words were read. Gorgeous. :-)

  • Words… only words, but your mind plays them exquisitely.

    – Blake Steele

  • CeriseNoire
    CeriseNoirealmost 4 years ago

    Oh, love it.xx

  • Ah… a double xx. I drink it. Thanks.

    – Blake Steele

  • silvercircles
    silvercirclesalmost 4 years ago

    So, so beautiful and vivid. I love the detail of the shadow of her knees.

  • What a sweetness to have you drop by and notice that sheep wool gray…

    – Blake Steele

  • Kristin Reynolds
    Kristin Reynoldsalmost 4 years ago

    she truly is earth’s angel. I must admit, if I were able—and not yet still so heavy with sleep—I would be, there, reciting back to god the secrets, like polished stones, I have found deep within the river, returning them as treaure.
    beautiful, beautiful, light hearted poet.

  • Why is it the awake who know they are asleep and the asleep who think they are awake? You spatter your word stones freely, lady, soothed and deep in the river, a treasure swimming.

    – Blake Steele

  • Kristin Reynolds
    Kristin Reynoldsalmost 4 years ago

    Life wouldn’t be nearly as much fun, if it made any more (or less) sense. :) but yes, this is why I—other than in my poetic world of words—stay so quiet; no need for it, unless one knows (understands) who one is talking too—and in what language they are speaking. too many try to talk too many languages…
    why thank you, kindred friend—I am glad to have found you here.

  • My God… there are three kinds of people who can say life is so much fun. The first hasn’t suffered enough to realize what is going on down here. The second has suffered so much they know that any other choice than joy is just too hard to bear. The third… I don’t know. I’m not old enough to answer that yet.

    Yes, to listen until we know what kind of language they are speaking. I think this works unless they are women waking up to the wonder of their own feminine soul. Then… well how do you know what the wind is whispering for sure? Perhaps with the capacity to just fully enjoy the blow without knowing anything?

    I’m glad to have found you here too. I was thinking about in my wanderings, that this kind of kindredness was a major part of what I was looking for. Though I have given many concerts of poetry over the years I had felt so little emotional support from others for my poetic journey… I mean on a really deep level. It really is an awakening wonder right now… finding this redbubble community, and so appreciated. You and a number of others here… well, smack lips and clap. Wow… thank you friend.

    – Blake Steele

  • Anthea  Slade
    Anthea Sladealmost 4 years ago

    You speak in divine real imagery that is luminous with the spirit of the divine feminine. Your words glide through my soul. So refreshing, sublimely beautiful.

  • Ah… thank you, Anthea. To let that wild divine lady glide through a woman’s open soul through words… whew. As Rumi said… “What a blessing.”

    – Blake Steele

  • Freja
    Frejaalmost 4 years ago

    Remember of an earlier life – thank you . Lilly of Denmark

  • Glimmers and echoes in the dark that some hidden part wakes up unto and sings, I know that is true, in spite of all objections, in spite of a whole world that says you are mad. For this freedom, this untrammeled and unconquerable innocence, I give the world that I have, my own way of seeing.

    – Blake Steele

  • lilynoelle
    lilynoellealmost 4 years ago

    Oh, this is simply perfect. It is so earthy and lovely and everything I adore about good poetry. There is an elegance here that, somehow, fits in exactly with the earthiness. Beautiful, wonderful work.

  • What precise words you use that convey so much. Elegant and earthy… beautiful. Thanks so much!

    – Blake Steele

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