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I am an American poet, recording artist, novelist and photographer/painter/image maker. Currently I live in Sweden. So far I’ve written 2,800 poems and 4 novels as well as produced 19 Cds of my spoken poetic work. My themes range through many aspects of life, but recurrent ones are awakened awareness, the infinite plenitude of the Wild Divine, the brain-boggling beauty of Creation, innocence, openness and freedom, the dark of life and facing our fears… relationships, longing, the mystery and freedom of the feminine — inexplicable suffering, death… you know, the real stuff. I’ve also been working for many years to transform Western spirituality, to unite all the good stuff of the Western soul with all that was tragically repressed: the divine feminine, sacred sex, sacred nature, grounding spirit into Love and beauty-making right here, to transform this world.

I have 7 web sites that display my creative work, each with a different focus:
Poetic recordings
Recorded Meditations
Photo Gallery
Art Gallery
Personal Growth Resources
Audio Visual Inspiration
One Minute Stress Relief Audio Recordings,
The Wild Christ

All my on-line work can be accessed through:
My main poetry pages can be accessed through:
Being Loved
or my creative blog: WordRambles.
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Facebook Page for Poetry
Facebook Page for Creative Writing

Though American, I now live in Sweden near the Angsbacka community and festival center because I love the interaction with open-hearted, passionately real people.

The usual copyright © legalities apply to all my original work published here. Please ask permission for any commercial usage. For inspirational purposes, feel free to pass poems on.

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On-line Creative Writing Courses

Creative Writing with Blake Steele / Author of 14 books (including 4 novels) / Poet with over 3,000 poems / Two On-line, conference call classes: / 1. Writing to Expand Your Soul in Creative Freedom (Four 2 hour classes) / Write to express through vignettes, stories and poems your most important values and passions to others: clearly, beautifully, and with authentic power. / 2. Writing the Novel …
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I have this passion for a new world burning in my heart. I can imagine all over the place wild, beautiful things… like warm hugs from strangers on the street just because they noticed your silly smile and bright, hopeful eyes. Like revolution meaning dancing together, making music, trading things, cooking food for everyone and giving it away, painting faces, releasing thousands of balloons into t…
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Sexual Health: The Sacred Door To Paradise

The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion. / Albert Camus / For thousands of years humanity has repressed its own sexual nature with taboos, projected judgments and all manner of fear based punishments. This has created repression on one hand and reactive selfish lust on the other. Repression and addiction are the two…
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Shouting out: Let's grow free! It is time for it! It is time!

Jesus said, you shall know every tree by its fruit. Look back now, over the centuries of history. What are some of the obvious, primal lessons, staring us right in the face? / Humanity has been repressed: our innocent, Life-force energies have been repressed and brought under clouds of fear, guilt and shame by organized religions and by political rulers and law makers. Why? What benefit is this t…
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