“In every moment, every face & place I see a picture… this is an incredible gift to be blessed with because I view the world with optimism, searching for the unusual and the extroadinary in everything. There’s so much going on in life, our world moves fast & it’s chaotic. For many people our eyes stop looking beyond the routine of day to day life, childhood curiosity replaced with the worry & stress of surviving emotionally and financially. I’ve always had the urge to be creative and tried to channel through different mediums such as drawing, writing, poetry and crafts. I’m also impatient by nature, when my creative side kicks in the ideas flow fast and I need quick results. I discovered photography taking photo’s on a solo trip to the UK. My Father loaned me a Sony 1 megapixel digital camera with a few boxes of floppy disks. This was my first experience with a digital camera, the simplicity of deleting as you go and uploading on to a computer at the end of the day to see what I had captured was the start of an obsession. My friends and family encouraged me to pursue photography, recognising i had an ‘eye’ for it and the passion for it that lit the creative fire in me. I had finally found the perfect outlet for my creativity, a way to express myself artistically. A camera allows me to keep moments in time that have caught my attention, triggered an emotion and ignited my imagination. Everyone has something to discover that they were born to do, that ‘thing’ that drives them with passion and a hunger to learn and excel at. Photography is my happy space, it feeds my need to be creative & transforms my ideas into reality. It’s much more than just seeing… I see “wow, that would make a great photo” everywhere I go because I want to see beyond the surface. If you look with your heart & mind as well as your eyes, the ordinary becomes extraordinary… Nicolette Thain

The most popular photograph in my portfolio is below. It’s had 2308 views, it’s been clicked as a favourite 109 times and there’s 296 comments. This photo was unplanned and I’m still shocked at how popular it is. It was taken in the afternoon in summer several years ago. I was waiting for it to get dark to do some night shots in the city (Melbourne). I decided to try to capture a drip in mid air using my 100 mm macro lens on a tripod. At the time there were water restrictions due to very low water catchment levels so I didn’t have the tap on for long. I set up the camera and had it on automatic focus and the automatic sports mode function. It took about 15 minutes to get the flow of water right and capture this shot. I took 470 odd shots and this is the only shot of the droplet separated from the tap before hitting the ground. The droplet formed an almost perfect sphere & the sun was was directly hitting it. Filling in time playing with the dripping tap in the back yard and my macro lens turned into my most successful photograph to date!

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