Dazed and confused.....

Hi All,

I have a very low profile on RB these days only due to the fact that I don’t produce many art works to upload and share. I have been painting more (as opposed to my mixed media works) and they take a lot longer to complete. I do however pop on and check out new works and leave comments when I can and of course shop! Which brings me to being dazed and confused…….I wanted to buy some cool pre teen appropriate cards today and ventured beyond my portfolio in hopes of supporting others only to find a lot of designs I liked were very expensive to purchase. Now if these artists who are charging $5 and up for their designs are selling them then that is fantastic however I felt very confused. I don’t have a very large commission on my work (more fool me?) I like to make my art affordable because as it stands art and cards are expensive enough as it is. So thank you Scott d’Almeida
I will look forward to my reasonably priced purchase to arrive. Don’t get me wrong I wish everyone the best of luck in their artistic ventures…..I am just on a different path.


  • HelenAmyes
    HelenAmyes7 months ago

    Hi Bec
    i found this an interesting discussion,as after much deliberation i just decided to up my commission on cards etc my reasoning is as follows. if i am prepared to pay more for “artisan” type foodie products i.e. sough dough bread,local olive oil etc doesn’t the same apply to cards, or prints? we are an australian artisan" one of a kind"product, and i think there IS value in that!

  • Hi Helen, thanks for your comments. i do agree I guess i was just a but surprised with how much some of the cards were selling for. I wish i could just sell any at all really!

    – Bec Schopen

  • HelenAmyes
    HelenAmyes6 months ago

    Hi Bec
    its a tough one i admit! Just today my partner Paul [also a long time Red Bubbler] and i have tried selling our Red Bubble printed cards at our local market, which also retails locally made items.
    we had a really good response, people wanted to buy a card,showing local landscapes,locally bought vintage items etc we sold them at $5 large and $ 4 small, most people bought multiples.there is still real value in the face to face, meet the artist thing. i hope this helps?

  • Thx Helen!

    – Bec Schopen