SF1 Party

So last night was the SF1 Party in – of course – San Francisco. We had a few hundred people from all over the Redbubble universe shedding their cyber identities and taking on their corporeal forms to make material contact. There was music, there was art, there was drink and there was food. But most importantly there was just us celebrating a shared journey. Those who were there all had their stories to tell, their flags to wave and (it would be RB without it) their odd gripes to alert me to.

The sense of community, passion and creativity was palpable along with the genuine fondness we have for each other and the art and design we share and celebrate. So thank you for all those who made it and I look forward to more such events, in more cities as we continue the RB odyssey.

On a personal level I was simply delighted to catch up with so many people who have been part of my virtual life, in some cases for 5 years. I thank you.

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