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New Competition/Magazine

We are in the very early stages of organising the launch of a Redbubble Magazine which will also be foundation for a competition. The magazine will be a combination of poetry, short stories and images (digital art, illustration etc).

We are thinking everybody who is published will get a copy of the magazine plus $100 RedBubble voucher.

We are also thinking about two main prizes.
- For the writing side we are inclining towards a first edition (unsigned) Sylvia Plath book of poetry we have access to. (Could also get a signed early Auden if that is more appealing).
- We are not sure what the image people might like. The first edition of the magazine will be mainly for the digital artists and traditional artists (not photographers who have had their go). Question is what would you like? We could get a Wacom Tablet. Or would people prefer something like a collection of Warhol memorabilia or fine art book (eg signed David Hockey book)? So great book or technology gizmo? Let us know and we will try and deliver.

Journal Comments

  • Kathleen Cameron
  • Empress
  • Craig Goldsmith
  • Evangeline Than
  • DataShine
  • webgrrl
  • Anne van Alkemade
  • Tom Godfrey
  • thickblackoutline
  • Kathleen Cameron