Redbubble & Copyright

How RB handles copyright and related IP issues are important. Most of you are aware of the situation but just so we are clear.

Redbubble is a community built on respect, recognition and appreciation of original artists. We take matters of intellectual property extremely seriously and any statement that implies we do not is blatantly false. We value originality and creativity, and we strongly oppose infringement of copyright, trademark, publicity rights, or any other intellectual property rights.

To be clear Redbubble does not itself manufacture, sell or distribute the products on this site. Rather, Redbubble is the host of an online marketplace. Regardless, it is absolutely Redbuble’s policy and practice to respect intellectual property rights of others and to provide reasonable assistance to rights holders in this regards.

In an effort to strike a balance between the rights of rights owners to prevent infringing uses of their intellectual property and the rights of visual artists to make non-infringing, and/or fair uses of related content, Redbubble has implemented a fairly extensive set of copyright, trademark and DMCA procedures, which are set forth on our web site at the following link.

Central to these procedures is our Notice and Takedown process, modeled after the one set out in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Submitting a takedown notice is a fairly straightforward process, and once we receive the information required under the DMCA, we act expeditiously (typically within 24 hours) to remove any listing that a bona fide rights owner or licensee identifies as infringing. This takedown is always subject to our counter notification process, which gives sellers affected by takedowns the opportunity to establish their right to sell the material at issue. More detail about the take down and counter notice process can be found at the following link

Although we’re not required by law, we take further proactive efforts on many occasions and work closely with numerous content owners, brands and individual artists to minimize instances of third party infringement of intellectual property rights via the Redbubble marketplace. We also immediately remove any user who is identified as a repeat infringer, per our policies.

As always, happy bubbling. I will be writing on this in an upcoming blog article


  • Vitta
    Vitta3 months ago


  • F.A. Moore
    F.A. Moore3 months ago

    Many don’t understand copyright law, including the fair use principles. So this is a very good idea to highlight it in upcoming blog articles.

    I noticed the allegation in the recent blog post, and was surprised. It would be a shame to get that kind of reputation. You are right to address it immediately and publicly.

  • Mieke Boynton
    Mieke Boynton3 months ago

    Having been on the delivering end of DMCA Notices (rather than the receiving end), I think it’s great that RB supports the DMCA process. I haven’t seen the blog that Frannie refers to… But I must admit that I’ve often looked at the popular works page and wondered about what I consider to be blatant plagiarism of trademarked/copyrighted material…

  • © Janis Zroback
    © Janis Zroback3 months ago

    It’s always good to refresh people’s memories about what constitutes copyright law and how it is handled by the site…thanks so much…

  • Cindy Schnackel
    Cindy Schnackel3 months ago

    I pretty much echo what Mieke said as far as my own experiences.

  • Gogo Kong
    Gogo Kong3 months ago


    I think it is disgusting that artists can copy work and sell it. But as long as they are selling and making RB money who cares right. Always comes down to profits.

  • Gogo
    I am sorry but this is a completely wrong interpretation of what we do and believe in. We support legitimate artists selling original work. As I said we work with artists and go beyond what is required by the DMCA. So no it is not about profit it is about protecting artists interests. We take these issues extremely seriously and protection of IP is a primary concern.

    – Pilgrim

  • jumpy
    jumpy3 months ago

    @F.A. Moore Surprised? Why? When there are so many blatant thieves why would you be surprised. Much more can be done than just waiting on a rights owner to contact you :(

    Who ya gonna call…
    Copyright Busters

    ^^ im sure they have the rights to that logo!?!

  • Samuel Sheats
    Samuel Sheatsabout 1 month ago

    I will preface my comments by acknowledging this is a very serious issue. But while there may be some artists who purposefully and blatantly rip off copyrighted and trademarked work or take advantage of the intellectual property of others, I believe most artists who find themselves in violation do not do so deliberately or with malice.

    I speak from experience as I have now been placed in “restricted account” status because my AC Cobra car photograph received a complaint (apparently from the manufacturer). This has been deemed the next to the last straw (just short of permanent banishment!) because in the last few years since I’ve been a member here I had a baby onesie removed because it had the phrase, “Future Jedi”. Apparently, “Jedi” is copyrighted/trademarked. I innocently had no way of knowing this, however. How many of you would have intrinsically known?

    Much later, my “John Beere” T-shirt was summarily removed because the John Deere tractor company objected.

    In all three instances, the key part is that a complaint was lodged; absent this fact my work would still be on the site. To me, this really is a significant point. As of July 7, 2014 a quick perusal of a few products still available on RB with the same subject matter I’ve run afoul of, include:

    AC Cobra pictures: 137
    John Deere products: 367 (remember, my T-shirt was John “Beere”)
    Jedi products: 960 — this doesn’t even count searches on “Yoda”, “Darth Vader”, “Star Wars”, etc.

    Out of curiosity, I did the same type of search on products for these car manufacturers:

    Lamborghini products: 997
    Ferrari products: 3,830
    Chevrolet products: 4728
    Ford products: 12,514

    My point is this is the 800 lb gorilla in the room whose presence is only mentioned when a “violator” is caught. I cherish my presence on Redbubble, so I’ve spent the last several hours deleting ALL of my car photographs —regardless of make or model. I’ve also deleted as many of my shirts as possible that even remotely (in my view, at least) make a reference to a third party that may wish to complain or object. It was extremely painful to watch my views, comments, and even sales stats diminish with each deletion. My views were well over 200k but have now been reduced by over 30k. Perhaps that’s part of the cautionary tale; the more topical art pieces you have, the greater the odds of having this sort of problem. It should also be clear that due to the vagaries of international copyright, trademark, model release (I assume all portrait photographers secure those) and intellectual property laws that it is impossible to anticipate with 100% accuracy what will and will not be a violation of some sort.

    Needless to say, this has taken a tremendous amount of wind out of my sails and I’ll be on needles and pins from now on, since one more violation — from now through perpetuity, I presume — and I’m gone from RB. What a drag!!!!!!!